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    Hi there. I’m using the Bulgarian version of and my blog is I experience a very annoying problem. On the picture from the link below you can see what happens when I click in one of the categories in my “Categories” widget:3

    This awful “Error 404” appears also in some of my posts when I open them from the title, from “More”, or even from the dashboard. Please give me advise – is the problem in me or in the WP script or something… :(



    This happens also with other people’s blogs. Some posts in Top Posts of are leading to this:



    Same problem here mate :(



    Glad to hear that. :) So we don’t have just problem, but BIG problem… :) Hope that something can be done about this, because I really don’t want to seek alternatives.



    I know what you mean. Since the last dashboard update, a dozen of little problems showed up. Anyways, bumping for some help!



    Almost none of my posts are readable. Most of the incoming links are not working. I believe there is no need to migrate to Blogspot, so please, give me at least some hope that everything will be allright soon (to the administration).



    Hey stalik.. off-topic question: if we move to blogpost, will we be able to save our posts from wordpress?


    stalik & glad1at0re: The 404 (or other similar messages, depending on the template) are a general problem. Some of us have already contacted Support and are waiting for a reply. Please refer to this thread so we can all stay in touch:
    Note that all complains I’ve seen so far come from bloggers who write in either Cyrillic or Greek.


    I had the same ERROR 404 problem with the comments in the posts. Most of the time I couldn’t read them in my blog (in Greek language). I found a simple solution that may help other people with the same problem. I changed the variable part of permalink (can be changed manually in edit page), by a word written with latin characters.

    Everything seems to work fine now.


    Thank you for the tip, greekluthiers. I’m sorry to report that although I changed all my permalinks the problem remains.


    glad1at0re: Re your ‘off-topic’ question, so far there’s no official way of importing from WordPress to Blogspot (other than copy-pasting posts one by one). I’ve only seen a chinese hack; I don’t know how reliable it is, and it will only transfer posts, not comments.
    Here’s a comparison between WP & B:
    I’ve been on B for two years. For my new blog I opted for WP just because I wanted a static front page, otherwise B is more versatile: you can modify templates as you wish, and you have access to the code, so you can add whatever you wish (e.g. a decent stat counter).



    Thanks, raincoaster, but that’s FROM Blogspot TO WordPress, not the other way round, isn’t it?



    We had a problem on some servers with permalinks using non-ASCII characters, which gave the 404 error message. We are sorry for the problems. This problem is fixed, but we need to manually fix any blogs that ran into this problem. If you are experiencing this problem for some of your posts, categories, etc. please send us a support request at



    @panaghiotisadam: you’re right, I misread it. But surely it must be possible to import your blog as XML?


    I’m afraid I don’t know how XML works, raincoaster. Anyway that was glad1at0re’s concern, not mine.

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