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against swastika of wordpress

  1. All the avatars of wordpress have a covered - hiden swastika like this:
    or this:
    or this:

    I demand and all of you have to demand wordpress to change its avatars. We support liberty and democracy

    <b>Down with fascism - nazism.</b>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please read about the long history of the swastika.

    and there are many more.

    And also read about the default images we use.

    There is no reason for change to be imposed on everyone here.

  3. I know very well the history of swastika. It would be innocent if nazism hadn't used it as its symbol. It's a symbol used in geometrical period of ancient greek history, so it would be a symbol of our nation. Fortunately, it isn't. It's the symbol of nazism.

    Nazism invaded to my country an damaged it using the flag of swastika. Nazism destroyed whole villages burning them and killing their popoulation: Kandanos, Kalavrita, Distomo, Hortiatis etc. About 100 villages of Greece were given as Holocaust to nazi cruelty. About 800.000 people died during the Nazi Occupation 1941-44, 10% of the population, because of starvation and active participation to Resistance Movement, the 3rd in Europe after USSR and Yugoslavia.

    Swastika is terror for all democratic people.

    Nazism destroyed my country, Greece, all Europe, especially USSR and it is responsible for the holocaust of jews, communists, democrats, disables, homosexuals, gypsies all over Europe.

    We can't accept the nazi avatar beside our name. We can't accept this inhuman, mortal and criminal symbol. We are not criminals. We have to fight fascism, even it is hiden.

    Down with fascism - nazism.

  4. It is obvious you confess the automaticaly given avatar of wordress is as swastika!

  5. In my opinion, the three example you show involve quite some imagination to see Nazi swastikas in them.

    First, the Nazi symbol is mostly portrayed at 45° rather than straight (180° / 90°) as the WordPress avatars.
    Also the Nazi symbol is a clockwise rotation, and it is difficult to tell in your examples whether the design is right or left handed.
    The Nazi symbol was based on 4-fold rotational symmetry, which the wp avatars are also built on. They are tiles (images/symbols) repeated and rotated at 90°, a square, and include many more elements than the simple lines shown here:
    With imagination one can discern a relationship to a Nazi symbol, but these designs are not the same as swastikas.
    In my opinion.

  6. lettershometoyou

    Don't kid yourself. If someone shows this thread to any one of those knuckle-draggers working at The Sun or Daily Mail newspapers, they'll be all over it. Those idiots will use any opportunity to publish Nazi-related BS. They even had an item about a hotel in Hamburg, Germany a while back that supposedly had swastikas hidden in a wall sculpture in the lobby.

    Here's the item:

  7. This is retarded.

  8. lettershometoyou

    I think so too - but it happens, man. People will go to any lengths to see what they want to see.

  9. Maybe try this URL Antrikos, It describes the type of rotational symmetry that swastikas have, but that doesn't mean that every one of the near-infinite patterns with that type of symmetry is a swastika - in the same way that although the nazi flag was red, black and white, not everything with those colours is a nazi flag(e.g.

  10. Perhaps I'll start complaining because the WP avatars don't resemble a beer bottle.

  11. lettershometoyou

    Mine looks like roadkill most of the time. That or a prayer mat(t)

  12. I love nutters! Fnord, baby!

  13. If you see nazi symbols in those gravatars, you'll see them in anything. And if you see them in anything, nothing we change will make a difference.

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