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    How do you view older posts? The oldest one I can see is only 9hrs ago….I sleep that long!

    I posted a question about quick press a few days ago and I now can’t see it and really need some help, please

    The blog I need help with is



    On the left side of the main Forum page you will see a Sidebar with topics “Support, Widgets, Questions”, etc. click on the one you like. At the top and bottom of the page you will see some boxes to navigate back – Support for instance has 1542 Pages of threads (something over 43,000 posts) – that is only one area – that should keep you busy for a little while –

    The front page has threads from most of the sub-areas – this makes it easier for people to see the latest and for us that help answer questions we don’t need to go into 5 different areas to see the latest questions.


    On the forums is it just about other people’s blogs???



    The Forum is to provide technical help to blogs that are hosted on WordPress.COM.

    There is also a Showcase where you can brag about your blog and an Off Topic for other things (have not been there in a while so not sure what is there)



    I do not understand you. Please clarify exactly what you are asking and exactly what you need help with.



    @pigletinportugal if you are looking for your own forum questions or threads you answered in, when logged in to you can click on the link in your username at the top of the forums “Welcome, pigletinportugal”. Also, clicking on the word “member” under your username will bring you to the same page.


    I mean like do they have any forums on wordpress about like movies, entertainment, stores, etc. besides stuff like this about blogs


    @rundog67, no they do not. These forums are for technical support of wordpress.COM users. It was never meant to be a general discussion forum for movies or entertainment or anything like that.

    Google for those types of forums and I’m sure there are more than a few in each category.



    There should be a ton of blogs on on movies etc. Try the search function at the upper right side of the screen.

    You can also do a Tag search on Movies for instance:

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