Agh! Help me center my images!

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    I am trying to center my images on The text is centered, as it should be. The images however, are not, despite the fact that in the visual and HTML editor, I have coded them to be centered. There is something in the CSS restricting the images from being center-aligned.

    I also want every image I’ve ever posted (and will post) to be centered, not just post-by-post or image-by-image.

    On my old theme, they worked just fine. I’m not sure what’s so different about the new one…

    Thanks for your help

    The blog I need help with is



    Edit the post. In the Visual editor click the image and then click icon 8 in Row 1 (align center) to center the image.



    FWIW I put the same theme Nishita up on my test blog and had no trouble centering the images as I described above.


    @TT: Of course you had no problem; but darktyper had been omitting that step.

    @darktyper: You have only coded the text to be centered, not the images. Using the alignment tool of the Visual editor (or enclosing the image in a p tag with “text-align:center;”) doesn’t necessarily apply to images as well.

    When you are about to insert an image, the Image tool includes the options for alignment: None, Left, Center, Right. You should have been clicking Center (in fact, once you do that the image tool will remember your preference till you select a different one). And the coding would have been:
    <img class="aligncenter" ETC ETC ETC
    and your images would remain centered no matter what the theme.


    This may not work but might be worth a try. The current theme on my blog that I recently changed to kept on giving me hideous outcomes in type and picture placements, so where these elements kept screwing up I’d delete them in the html window, and insert several line spaces between the last element before placing the element I want corrected.

    Don’t know just what exactly changed in that maneuver, but it works reliably.

    Nice cars.



    Okay, that makes sense. So now that draws two questions:

    A) Why in my previous theme could I just select the entire post and hit the “center” icon in the visual editor (or use the <center> tags at the first and last line of each post for HTML), and that same functionality is lost in the Nishita theme?

    B) How can I mass align all the images? I have 450~ posts, do I have to edit the image class for every single image individually? I source my images from flickr’s blog code, which never included the img class subtext…just title, w/h etc…didn’t think I needed it…


    A) You’ve sort of answered that yourself in your original post: because the CSS of the two themes is different.

    B) You can at least center all the images of each post at once, without having to edit each image, by adding one command only (in the HTML editor, of course):

    <div class="aligncenter">

    Do you have the Custom Design upgrade?

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