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    I wrote a long post which I saved twice it dissapeared wtf

    The blog I need help with is randomthoughtstherearemany.wordpress.com.



    What is the title of the post? Is it on your Posts page of the dashboard? Is it in Trash? Did you create it from the Dashboard New Post page or use the New Post button in the Admin bar?



    Hi there,

    I’m so sorry this happened to you.

    We’ve been investigating this, which has unfortunately begun affecting some users. Can you answer the questions Raincoaster poses above?

    Also, how long did you spend working on it, approximately? When did you post it? What browser? When you were typing, did you navigate away from the screen at all?

    Again, I apologize – it is frustrating to lose work. We are trying hard to make sure this doesn’t happen to any further users.

    To sidestep the issue until a full fix is deployed, create your new posts from Dashboard > Posts > New Post.

    Thank you.



    We believe we’ve traced down this bug and fixed it. If you do lose a post again, please let us know. We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience!

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