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AJAX messed up??

  1. Hi, it seems to me like the AJAX interface has gotten a bug recently? The GUI acts weird after I upload an image. I cannot immediately send it to the editor (I have to save my post, edit it again, chose the pic from the uploaded are and send it to the editor. But then comes a new problem: If I select the pic to add a border or the like, then the little floating window pops up but stays blank. I cannot cancel it and I cannot do anything else on the page anymore. I have to reload the page (and loose any changes I've made). The manual HTML coding works though ...

    I'm using Firefox 2.0 on Windows XP

  2. Do you access your Dashboard via http:// ?


  3. Yep, thank you!

  4. yup, thank you as it works or yes thank you as you say that already?

  5. Thank you for indicating that it was http instead of https ;)

  6. Oh, ok. :)

    Marked as resolved.

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