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Akisment is blocking my comments

  1. I cant comment in any blogs! I cant comment in my blog! Akismet is detect my comment like a spam. Why????

  2. I'm not a staff member and can't give you a positive answer but my money is on the ISP and country you're coming in from. Both have a long history of being pro spam and, in fact, there are a lot of folks here in the forums who have suggest banning those IP blocks outright. Which staff won't do and you're a perfect example of why it's not a good idea.

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback to staff with a specific link to the article you tried to leave a comment at and point out to them that this maybe a false positive.

    Good luck,

  3. I cant comment any article. I think, i cant comment because Acismet is on. On another hosts with WP i cant comment too. Maybe problem, that my nick or blogname start by digit?

  4. *sigh*

    I politely point out the reasoning and solution stated in my post. You may have missed it.

  5. I wrote few days ago to support, but i dont recive answer yet. And i think, that i`m never recive answer.
    Thanks for answer

  6. I think, that problem in email. I change email from to and all ok. Strange Rambler is a good sight.
    Im proceed testing.

  7. Akismet is also blocking the comments of a friend of mine, and he lives in Canada and uses the largest Inet provider in the West. This only began happening a couple of days ago, during a discussion on the blog about whether or not the US, UK and Canada were becoming more fascist. I am assuming, for lack of any other possible reason, that the Nazi references were what put him into the spam category. I'll send in a feedback for him; he's not a wordpress user, so he can't do it himself.

  8. uses the largest Inet provider in the West

    If you're hinting about either Telus or Sympatico, they both have a history of being prospam. I myself block large chunks of both of them from my boxes.

    But without more details, you leave us little to go on so I would suggest sending in Feedback.

    Please though give at least an IP address and a link to the comment in question.

  9. He's using Rogers, actually.

    The problem seems to be resolved now. Couldn't give a link to the comment in question because there have been a raging snotload of comments recently. I've had to approve probably a dozen of his in the past few days.

    The thread it FIRST started showing up on was this one:

    and his IP is IP:

  10. Dang, that's a lot of comments. :)

    That's a Shaw Cable line actually. (Probably resolded) The block though has a history of spamming problems and Shaw is far from clean although they're not as black as Sympatico is.

  11. Well, well - Shaw cable, eh? I'm so glad I'm with Telus [she said in a snotty and superior tone.]

    When you're talking about RURAL BC
    and you're talking real customer service then --
    P.S. They are a phone company of course some spammers get away with using them.

  12. Thanks for the correction; my mistake.

    I'm still not understanding this, though. It's still blocking his comments, even though I always click "De-spam marked comments". If it learns what IS spam, can it not learn what is NOT spam?

    It only began happening a few weeks ago; before that it was never a problem.

    Yeah, and that thread's gotten even more contentious since Photobucket took the image down. So it's illegal in Germany; how is that MY problem? Most images on the web are illegal in Saudi Arabia, but that's not a good reason for deleting them. *runs off to cry into her iced tea*

  13. OMG, Photobucket just deleted a pic of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, too. And a paparazzi shot from Fashion Week in Tehran. I swear, they're just making this shit up as they go along. What are they ON?

    Sorry, will stop whining now.

  14. Rain's a GIRL? :)

    Thanks for the correction; my mistake.

    If you're talking about the Shaw/ Rogers, it's probably not a mistake. Many ISPs share lines and resell between each other. You honestly think each of the 10k ISPs here in the US actually have 10k phone line banks or Routers? :)

    As to the "It's still coming in as spam" issue, you're probably up against a number of posts that were marked as spam in Akismet's database. It's probably weighing those reports against yours and still seeing it as spam. I know in my GMail account, it appears to take upwards of a dozen reports for a source to get labeled as spam.


    That's one of the reasons why I like running my own servers. I can call something spam and block an IP block (*cough* *cough* entire lab infested *cough*) right from the get go if I so choose.

  15. Of course rain's a girl [rolls eyes] no guy would have chosen this picture I'm expecting her and poppy over here because as you know we girls just gotta have some fun [chat] *lol*

  16. telus rules?

    you mean the ISP who blocked the website of their union workers from their customers?


  17. Not much better than when MSN was blocking Linux websites. (Don't have time to find links to that)

  18. @kamel
    I was outraged at mangement too and even blogged on it but you probably haven't considered the RURAL and WORKERS part of the equation here from my perspective.
    The cable company people are just line runners. They can run lines in urban places from pole to pole and house to house. Now think country, okay. You've seen my rugged island from the ferry so think gale force winter winds and 100 feet tall trees twirling like eggbeaters. Trees that fall and take out the power and phone lines every winter at least 3-4 times and for 3-4 days at a time.
    The telus workers are bona fide pole climbers with high rigging loggers' credentials and experience. They will take on the challenge of using spurs and guy ropes to climb trees and monkey swing between the widow makers, as well as the easy tasks of shinnying up the smooth power poles without branches or working on lines from a safe cherry picker bucket.
    They did bring in a private dedicated phone line across horse pastures from 3 acreages away from me, over gullies, over rocky outcroppings, through the forest, over a wetland and creek, etc.
    They will and did repair my RURAL line in short order (less than 24 hours) while the Rogers and Shaw cable ISP folks, who live in small lot "urbanized" subdivisions wait and wait for the line runners to come. And they do it all - free of charge.

    My allegiance is not to the company management kamel - it's to the workers that even went out of their way after working hours and on their own time (free of charge) to set up my computer for me when I was incapacitated in hospital. They even brought me Tim Hortons coffee and donuts every day when they stopped by after they finished work to see that everything was working well for me. On top of that one saved me the $60 expense of cab and ferry and cab again fare by carting me and my computer home all the way from hospital on Vancouver Island right to my door on his own time after he finished work.
    For clarity I should have said in the RURAL AREAS of BC - TELUS WORKERS ROCK AND RULE!

  19. sorry to misunderstand, that certainly sounds like going above and beyond the call of duty!

  20. @kamel
    Nah! don't be sorry I should have been clear or said nothing at all. And yeah, and they sure did go beyond the call of duty for me - perhaps it was because I was sooo sweet [she said batting her eyelashes]. *lol* ;)

  21. Yes, I am indeed a chick.

    And while I cannot comment on Telus in rural areas, I can tell you that within Vancouver they suck donkeys. They sold a friend of mine a cable package, mailed her a modem, and when it arrived she realized it was for a PC, not a mac. She called and asked for a mac modem and they simply told her "you contracted for Internet service, and we don't support macs, so you are out of luck and have to pay out the contract anyway." It was brutal.

    I know their customer service has improved lately, but as of last year they were so bad I ditched the landline entirely. When I tried to get Telus ADSL, they never DID send me my modem, just the monthly bills, endlessly until I made them to understand that the modem hadn't arrived.

  22. I got my Telus ADSL modem free of charge. There's something very city mouse - country mouse in this dialogue that I can't quite fathom. In the big smoke you have many choices rain - we don't out here in the gulf islands but don't get me wrong I wouldn't change places with you for the world. BTW we are chat over here [hint, hint]

  23. Thanks for the invitation, but I'm supposed to be helping out on forums I haven't visited in a month. The guilt would be too much; maybe once I get caught up.

  24. but I'm supposed to be helping out on forums I haven't visited in a month.

    That sounds familiar...

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