Akismet blocking all my comments?

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    I recently started a new blog on wordpress: http://www.pendaz.wordpress.com and it seems that Akismet is blocking all of my comments?

    I’ve had two comments come through, the rest have been blocked by Akismet im and i’m still unable to review the blocked comments?

    It’s making it kinda hard to get my blog popular as it looks inactive.

    Thanks in advance




    Wait, is it blocking YOUR comments, or comments on your blog? Staff is aware of the “never showing up in Akismet” issue, although no solution seems to be in sight. If, however they are your own comments, you should be able to go in and un-spam them on your own blog.



    Please submit a support request at http://akismet.com/contact/


    no its blocking comments made on my blog, sorry

    and thanks mtdewvirus, i’ll contact support


    still waiting for a reply. . . 1 week now



    same here. all user comments will be blocked and cause i didnt get any email i missed to review them in the spam directory. and they them to be gone now (15 days of befor getting deleted) :/


    2 weeks still no reply?



    And how please can I enable Akismet? It’s terrible! People think the blog is inactive and loose interest. And people who comment must be furious that no comment appears (without any explanation). I want to get rid of Akismet, but I don’t know how. Will somebody help?




    Akisment is really acting up. I have to fish dozens of comments out of SPAM from regular commenters. The Keymasters say it’s a “known problem” and they’re trying to fix it.

    But I’m with you. Akismet should be optional and we should be able to shut if off when it doesn’t work properly — as it isn’t working properly now.



    I understand your frustration fromtheleft as we all want akismet working 100%! I can tell you though that it working 90% is better than having a moderation queue of 100’s of comments of which 90%+ is spam each day. My understanding is they are working on it. I hope it is working for you right away :)




    I would rather have the 100s of comments 90% of which is spam to moderate myself than have some incredibly buggy piece of unwanted software to do it for me. I kept getting Akismet saying its blocked ‘spam’ that, despite Akismet saying it keeps such things for 2 weeks, is no longer viewable after less than a few hours.


    I just recently learned about the Akismet spam section, and I think visitor comments may have been going there, and automatically deleted after a few weeks. I sent a test comment today, and it went to the Akismet box. How often is that spam box deleted? I just posted a similar question here:



    I think it is emptied every 15 days if I remember correctly. It is good to check it at least once every couple days.


    You can actually change this. Go to options > discussion and under comment moderation, deselect “Don’t discard spam on old posts” and then click update options.


    Thanks again for being so helpful. I updated the discard section. Normally I’d delete everything in spam without review, but will be more observant from now on. :)

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