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    My own replies to comments on my blog are being marked as spam by Akismet, even though I keep telling it that I’m not a spammer.



    Same thing here. Not only am I marked as Spam by my own blog – comments from other people on my blog are marked as Spam as well. And comments by me on other blogs. But I can post articles on my own blog, that’s no problem.

    Hm, I have a theory. Someone added me to her blogroll yesterday and the ‘Report as Spam’ link is right below the ‘Add to Blogroll’ link (dropdown menu).

    Could this be the reason? And what can I do about it?



    There’s a number of threads already on the subject. Please follow the Akismet tag you added to your thread to review them.

    Solutions are to keep marking them as not-spam and send in either a feedback to staff from your dashboard or drop Akismet a feedback directly. Be sure to point to specific comments that have been caught as labeled as spam.

    Back, being on an ISP (if you’re posting from the same ISP that you are posting here from.) that’s know for it’s spam issues, hosting well known spammers, and lack of response to complaints doesn’t help either I’m afraid.



    Well, I noticed that support is closed for the weekend. If the trouble persists, I’ll have to write to them tomorrow.



    It sometimes clears up spontaneously if you keep going to your Akismet file and de-spamming your own comments. It takes five or six times, though.

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