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    There’s an article of interest on Akismet’s Worst Offenders anti-spam capacities.
    The extension, allows for users to easily see and delete mass groupings of spam easily. It shows you the worst offenders, IP Addresses of computers sending you the most spam, and allows you to delete all their spam with one little click.




    I’ve been testing it on my blog when I noticed it mentioned over on Donncha’s blog. While I like the idea of this plugin, the deleteing of “mass groupings” isn’t as easy as it sounds.

    One, it appears that while domains are listed, telling the system to not allow those domains any more doesn’t work not does it add in to the htaccess file any of those IPs used by comments for thos domains.

    Two, instead of deleteing 50 comemnts spams at once, you’re only deleting those from the IPs listed. So, if the IPs listed are only 2′ and 3’s or if you have domains listed, you’re only deleteing a few spams each time you’re clicking on the Delete button.

    Three, it’s made a real mess of my htaccess file. While it does work with deny lists already present in your htacess file, it just adds in new IPs to the top of it which makes a mess. I, for one, will block a Class C (That a block of 256 IP addresses) with no issue after being hit by a couple different IPs within that block. I can’t do that if I can’t figure out what’s hitting me.

    Four, if we used it here, it’s too easy to block folks incorrectly. We all share the same htaccess file so I could block someone I didn’t like in about 2 seconds and they would be totally blocked from WordPress.

    Five, it’s not the time saver that it’s described to be. See above. :)

    I like the idea, I loved that it did the modifying of the htaccess file for you and I wish the author of the plugin all the best. But I’m debating taking it out. My spam count has hit the roof lately. Bad behavior is reporting nearly 400 blocked postings a day now and I don’t have a clue as to how many is being blocked at the htaccess file.

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