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Akismet Comment Spam Detection Not Working?

  1. Hello,

    I'm getting a TON of spam posts now - it seems as if Akismet isn't working. Is that the case or is it just a case of spammers being slightly ahead of the algorithm?


  2. Are you submitting them all as spam?
    It could be what you say, but Akismet learns fast.

  3. I have few numbers of spam, mostly from email address. It can even get through the comments.

  4. podz
    I got one from the same address @ as a comment and I marked it as spam. I's gone.

    Did you notice the extra "s" as in hotmail(s)?

    I'm not positive but I think real hotmail addresses lack the "s".

  5. Mine are from Hotmails as well. Hotmails users apparently are very keen on NBA Comix!

    I have been submitting all of them as spam. It seems to have died down from the initial flurry.

  6. I just got another flurry. Again most were hotmail(s). So we need to let the staff get to this forum thread (without us subscribers adding to it again,don't you think?)That's why I addressed the last post to podz.

    When the staff read this thread they will and note the extra "s" on hotmail(s) indicates spam and educate Akismet to know that.

  7. It's marking all hotmails as spam now, well done everyone :)

  8. My Akismet is working fine. It caught 30+ spam the past few days...
    Wonder why the sudden surge in spam...

  9. I thought everyone would noticed it.

  10. Um, guys. The hotmail address is probably faked. :)

    Best way to judge is via the IP address that's shown. on mine. Coming out of the Ukraine. What a surprise...

  11. My issue is not that "Akismet Comment Spam Detection is Not Working", it's that I had to re-install my template/themes and need my key to permit Askimet activation. I have misplaced it.

    Upon logging into WP, there is no means to access my "profile" wherein the key resides. How and where do I retrieve the key?


  12. Pepolk, send in an email to support at this domain.

  13. Hi guys,

    One way to combat our friend the spammer is to shut down his fake geocities/tripod/etc portals. I have info ( on how to report abuse to the sites he is using for hosting.

    Of course, getting him knocked off at his top-level ISP would be more useful.

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