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Akismet Concern on blog

  1. I used to be able to check and make sure no legit comments were in the Akismet queue.

    Now, although the number of comments akismet says it has deleted keeps going up, I never see any new spam in the Akismet spam queue. It seems to be deleting them automatically before I have a chance to check them(and I'm talking hours, not days or weeks).

    I do sometimes get legitimate comments in the spam folder, so I'd really like to be able to check them before they are deleted!

  2. Please do a search for akismet. It's been covered in great detail.

    And many folks around here agree with you, especially in light of the occurances of false positives. Staff disagrees though.

  3. Just noticed that I have spam showing in my Akismet queue on posts that are over 30 days old. And a fair amount of it. I wonder if staff has had a change of heart.

    edit: Maybe not. 1 blog is showing spam. The other is not.

  4. Makes me wonder what the staff is thinking. I can tell you that I've been getting somewhat frustrated at how things have been going lately.

  5. Didn't Barry say they were provisioning a whole new Akismet server farm this weekend? We could be getting the extra junque just because of that change/addition to the superpowers.

  6. Akismet made it past the one billion spam mark last night (Saturday, March 24th )
    One look at the graph above gives us a a clear understanding that most of what is received is spam.
    Total spam: 1,012,820,872
    Total ham: 53,689,368
    Today (UTC, 3 hours left)
    Spam today: 8,270,465
    Ham today: 176,036

  7. You left out the green eggs.

  8. Well, I couldn't guarantee that they were free range Araucana eggs and I do not eat factory farm products. ;)

  9. I wouldn't eat a Martha Stewart endorsed egg. I refuse to eat any eggs that have expensive interior paints named after them.

  10. Firefox users can use my Akismet Auntie Spam extension to dumpster dive through the spam trash faster.

    I have a new version of it that I'm testing that further minimizes 100% sure spam like pill keywords.

  11. @rain
    ummm ... Araucana's are a heritage chicken breed from South America (probably from Chile) that lay eggs with green/blue coloured shells. The green/blue shell color is a genetically dominant trait. This means that when the Araucana breed is crossed with another breed of domestic chicken the female offspring will always lay green/blue or tinted eggs. This has been the reason that some crossbreeds have been mistaken for purebred Araucanas. That's what I was referring to. ;)

    Good on you. I'm glad to hear that the spam filter divers have alternatives and it's great to hear that you're covering the "pills".

    A woman just died out here from being poisoned by drugs she purchased off the internet. These spammers are doing more than annoying us they are marketing dangerous even lethal drugs ... caveat emptor.

  12. Timethief: Martha Stewart has purebred Araucanas, and she has an entire house painted with colours she blended to match the eggshells, which paint she now retails as the "Araucana Collection".

    But it is also to be noted that there are many reputable Canadian pharmacies which are retailing drugs to Americans who are unable to get sufficient Tamiflu, etc, from their own country. But those ones don't spam.

  13. OMG - there's a Martha connection with the Araucanas that I didn't even know about.

  14. Okay, I give...from Day One I've Searched/Tried to Find: the Place where/how to look in the Akismet file, to see what's in it/to pull out genuine Comments. I can't Find the place. Where is it, please?

    ~Engtech: probably a Great tool, if I understood it/didn't fear it, I'd use it...with my IE 6 (wimp, here...!). How's the kitten?

  15. @poppy8sd:

  16. ~Judyb12: Thank you, for replying, but I must not have asked very well. There isn't anything there --only the number, of the day, that Akismet has 'caught.' I want to ACTUALLY Look Inside the Akismet File OF my blog. --Others post in the Forum: that they LOOKED in their file and found "x number of real comments was there not just spam."

    So: WHERE can the Actual file, holding spam and Comments merely labeled 'spam' be found/seen?
    (--Written better? Still not clear?)

    Put this way: I KNOW a Comment was eaten by Akismet; I want to pull it out before it is
    'consumed' --how/where to look for it?

  17. Try again: when I looked six hours ago there was zero spam: now there are 1126 spam there, which indicates that some which had already been placed are in that file; it's retroactive. Looks like the Akismet file is being opened up one blog at a time. Give it a few hours and check again.

  18. ~Rain: 1,126??? OMG. HOLY Freakn Cow! Do you have time to eat, sleep? If I had to 'fish' through 1,000 spam --a day (even in a week), to look for real Comments: I'd shut down the SMALL wonder you tell newbies: 'you don't want to Shut Off' Akismet.

    >"it's retroactive. Looks like the Akismet file is being opened up one blog at a time"
    Oh. How odd.... So my looking in there (often) and Judyb12's instructions: the Right place. Okay. I'll look again, later. Thanks, to both, for reply.

  19. So this morning the counter read 42 spam comments it reads 60. But there's nothing in the queue. I have, in recent weeks, been able to go into the queue and catch legitimate comments that had been filtered. Now I can't. Is this something that has changed?

  20. @prainingfool
    I can still go into my Akismet spam filters on all of my blogs and "dumpster dive". I have never had the problem others are reporting. Perhaps you need to make staff aware of your problem because it doesn't sound like it's affecting all of us.

  21. @engtech:
    Just have to say, that's a great tool. I've been using it for some time. I love it as is but improvements are always appreciated. :)

    Yes, but are the yolks green? ;)

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