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Akismet count/spam queue

  1. The same problem here, too... :(

  2. I just checked my Nosy Snoop site and there's no spam when it's usually alot everyday.

  3. My spammers seem to have died too... Guess one can hope. ;)

  4. Trent

    yes my blog IS hosted by and I am still waiting for a solution (ever since I started my blog at wordpress). Support is "closed" and I am thinking of moving if this doesn't get solved soon.

  5. So I can see I am not the first one here to say that my own comments on my own page are now being listed as SPAM and at the same time are not accessible. This is REALLY frustrating. I have really enjoyed WordPress up until this point but being marked as SPAM on my own page defies belief.

    I really hope someone somwehere has some kind of fix solution to this...

  6. I can't get any comments to show up.

  7. My comments - which typically are replies to readers' questions - aren't showing up anywhere. This is really a problem.

  8. Today, Akismet swallowed five legitimate comments, including one by me while I was logged in, and the spam queue is only showing up when it feels like it so I can't get in to approve my own comment. Thank you for shielding me from the spam and everything, but I really don't need protecting from my own comments on my own blog. How about letting us switch Akismet off when it's disabling most of our legitimate comments and letting us reactivate it when it works again?

  9. This is incredibly bad service... I cannot post comments anywhere NOT even on my own page. I get no response from WordPress and on the Akismet site, once you have got passed their "we are so great" statements... they don't answer either.

    Heads up... Akismet.. perhaps once you have stopped patting yourselves on the back.. not everyone is a spammer. WordPress... awful attention to detail. Sorry.

    You can do way better than this. Every single writer / blogger here deserves a little bit of respect and not to be casually written off as spammers, when all we are trying to do is follow the WordPress doctrine and write!

    Let us do that much..

  10. I don't know why, but I very rarely have the problems Paul refers to with either comment or Akismet, here or on the WP blogs I visit. I have sometimes wrongly marked comments as spam but then they usually come back after a while and can be corrected. I have occasionally deleted a comment by mistake. I am willing to confess that is my own inattentiveness, but perhaps thought does need to be given to the layout of the options on the comment editing/approval tool.

  11. So, may someone turn of deleting "spam" from the queue? Actually, the only spam which I got was not filtered by Askimet...

  12. I have problem. some readers of my blog leave comments yet Unfortunately the poor comments dont show up. I just guess maybe they go to spam inbox. This akismet counter shows i have new spams. But when i check the spam inbox, no spam there. Something wrong here.. Yet after 2 days, the comments have not shown up and my akismet inbox in empty though its counter says i have new spam comments! What can i do to find my lost invisible comments? :(

  13. Joining in on the "Me too comments" as support do not want to hear about it.

    I've had this problem almost since I started by blog in June, in the last week comments by myself (or someone else) have stopped causing missing spam comments from appearing. Currently I've about 20 spam comments which I can't moderate and it's getting more frustrating by day.

  14. Just to say that I've got all of the spam into my queue. All of the messages were spam, but it is good, at least, to know that Askimet works ;)

    I still prefer to see all of the spam and to delete it instead of thinking that some post was marked as spam and it is not spam (there was one example of such marked message).

    So, whoever did that, thanks!

    (For others: It seems that this is the right place to say that it is a problem and it seems that this is solved for people who asked for that. It seems that someone is doing that by hand. At least, it is my impression...)

  15. My queue at the moment shows one spam comment, except I cannot see it. When I click, nothing happens. One of my contacts tells me she left a comment yesterday and it never showed up in the comments...

  16. This is still going on, some spam appeared a couple of days ago. However the spam counter is still going up and not showing in the queue.

  17. Hi guys, Today (31aug) was the first day, since I started my blog in june, that I actually saw some comments in the Spam Queue (7). Yay! They were all spam and I deleted them. However, the spam count has been small up to now (don't get many visitors anyway); it had recorded, until today, that 20 spams had been deleted. Today it was 30, yet only 7 appeared in the queue; what is likely to have happened to the other three?

    Re your own comments on your own blog being viewed as spam: So far, whenever I have received comments that I wish to reply to, I have used the Edit comment facility in the dashboard to reply to that commenter (click onto the Comments tab to see all comments made to your posts). My comment is not viewed as possible spam as it is now part of the commenter's comment. In this way, I am replying directly to a comment, and I prefer to do that (keep my reply with the actual comment made, rather than adding to the list of coments later).

    As well, sometimes I like to add further detail about a post, but do not want it to show up as part of the post (I am a photoblog). So, what I do is use the comment facility as a way to give this information to my readers, but I do this whilst I am logged in and in my dashboard. In other words, I go into Manage,Posts, I click onto View of the post I wish to add a comment to (not Edit) and in the reply box that appears underneath the post I put in my comment and post it. This has worked so far! :)

  18. why does i cannot post any reply comments in my blog?

    even in the other wordpress blogs..

    but when i checked the spam queue , i've seen my replies there.

    i hope that you can help me.. thanks..

  19. My Akismet numbers have never been right, but it's doing its job and that's what I care about.

    Sometimes I'll go a week without the number changing, even though I've deleted spam a couple times a day. Other times the number changes and there's nothing in the queue. I have no plans to display my spam caught # so it's not a problem, just a quirk.

  20. This morning, one of my commenters was put into the moderating queue for the third time. I have despammed her messages every time, but akismet doesn't seem to learn. Also, the page shows the following message

    "Akismet has caught 1 spam for you since you first installed it.

    You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day. :)"

    Not true, according to the counter on the page, akismet has stopped

    And this is what I see:
    <img src=''>

    No matter how much I click on the 1 in the queue, I cannot see it

  21. If Akismet isn't learning, send a feedback to staff with the specific comments that have been dumped into spam. I'd give it one or two more chances.

    A comment of mine, on my own blog, got dumped in there this morning. I just unspammed it and went on my merry old way. I'll check again tonight to make sure I don't get dumped in there again.

    I'd rather have Akismet on than the 1000s of nasty spams.

  22. Same as paulbaylay's case...

    Actually, the Akismet have blocked my comment since the last Saturday. :?

    And what Akismet have done is irritating me. I can't even comment on my OWN blog because that-Akismet had stated me and my email as a SPAMmer.

    Poorly, I lived in Indonesia. Support is close at 5 PM, at American time. And in GMT +07.00, it's actually...Yeah, you know. I haven't got enough time for that.

    Hope you guys will help me. :)

  23. I'm having the same problem as everyone else. Akismet shows 4 spam comments for me right now, but I can only see 1 of them. I don't know if the other comments are legitimate or not.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  24. Yesterday, I wrote to support about one of my commenters who akismet refuses and puts in spam all the time, although I despam her every time. Now there's a second person :(

  25. Thank you for this!

  26. Hi, I'm in the same boat. Akismet is showing I have 10 magical invisible spam messages and I want to see if any of them are legitimate comments coz I've caught it doing that before (on the one occasion it worked). I've only been blogging for a little over three weeks and it's been a constant problem from the start.

  27. Just wondering if there had been any movement on this problem. It's been weeks since I've been able to view any "spam", but the number keeps increasing and it always says 0 to moderate.

  28. This is really frustrating. If it doesn't work: TURN IT OFF. Bring it back when you managed to fix it.

  29. One has to wonder if when a post is raised to the status of a "stickie" at the top of the forum, they might, just might, get less attention, (they say it's lonely at the top).

    I'd start another thread on it in the main forum, but I'd just be told to read the stickie at the top of the forum - a circular reference I don't care to partake in.

    Conclusion? At least for the foreseeable future, any legitimate commenter's on my site (and anyone else with the same problem) unfortunate enough to be anointed "spam" by Akismet, are simply out of luck. The only up side I can see for legitimate commenter's is that they will have some feeling for what it's like to be labeled "illegal enemy combatant."

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