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Akismet count/spam queue

  1. I have several frequent, regular commenters on my blog who are now being labeled as spam, and no amount of unlabeling them is stopping this from happening. Now my own comments (when I'm logged in) are being tagged as spam as well. I would just like to know whether this is something that is being addressed, or if there is a way to make my spam filter a bit less aggressive?

  2. ipb20 - if you can send as much detail as possible to Support I will do what I can.

  3. Same here. One of my best commenters is continually spammed ... this is unacceptable. Also, akismet was telling me that it had caught 400+ spam since I first loaded it (in July) ... which was accurate until about 10 days ago. This morning (for example) there was 1 spam in the que and it says that it has caught 1 spam since I first installed it ... what's up with that?

  4. I've caught the same bug OneMom has -- akismet started eating my own comments today, and when I checked the filter, I discovered it seems to have started eating others comments in the past few days as well. And the spam count has re-set itself.

  5. bagelofeverything

    I love Askimet. While it does occassionally catch a 'real' comment, and there is (rarely) a delay, our site has been saved from dozens of spam comments every day. For you new users, the evil spam bots will find you soon enough and you'll understand.
    Akismet works much better than any other spam filter I've used.
    Perhaps, tho, if there /was/ a way to turn it off, people would learn to appreciate it more.

  6. Turning off Akismet would result in blogs full of spam comments which is not something we want here.

  7. Just another voice saying that a) my own comments have been marked as spam in the past (just noticed it last week) on my own blog and b) now my Askimet numbers are going up, but I'm not able to find the comment to see whether it's spam or not. I check every other day, but none are listed in the Askimet queue, although it's been 2 days, max, since I checked it. Far less than 15.


  8. montgomerycollege

    Something has happened to all my wordpress blogs. One day all the comments ever written simply disappeared. All but one of the spam pages is empty ( and the one that isn't empty only lists actual spam). In addition to all of the comments, the comments forms have also disappeared from my pages. And, the same day, all the custom header graphics I had uploaded disappeared and reverted to the default graphic. Support is "temporarily closed". Help please!!

  9. Just to add to the comments here - there's no spam that I can see in my Akismet queue, even though a daily check of the counter indicates that it has been going up.

  10. With all the other bugs right now, I don't think the Akismet issues some of us are experiencing are a high priority for staff.

    I set up a contact page on my site and have told friends who are apparently getting caught by Akismet to use the contact page and I will then transfer their comments to the appropriate post.

    Since I set up my blog in March '07, I have only gotten to see about 1 out of every 10, 20, or 30 that Akismet claims it catches. I've sent in numerous support requests, but have never heard anything back on any of them.

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