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AKISMET disappered

  1. Hi!

    Suddenly the AKISMET option has disappeard from my admin-panel. What does it mean? Is it still working?

    Would be great if somebody would have an idea.


  2. Have you recently upgraded your wordpress or Akismet install? The page got moved to under the main Comments header with the recent upgrades.

  3. Neither upgraded my wp nor the Akismet install.

    I run two wp-blogs. The one with wp 1.5 worked perfectly with the AKISMET-plugin. In the admin panel I could see if and how many spam was catched. Today I activated for my 2nd blog (wp 2.1) AKISMET as well. To get the API-Key I created a 2nd account. At once the 2.0-Blog had that AKISMET-feature in the admin-panel. But now the one in the 1.5-Blog wasn't still there.

    I deactivated and activated the plugin in the 1.5-blog, hoping a request for the API-Key would appear. But nothing happend at all. Now the plugin is activ again, no question for the key :-(((

  4. Hi drmike!

    You were quite right. I upgraded the plugin - by chance. Thank you very much.


  5. Not a problem. :)

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