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Akismet Eating All My Comments

  1. Is anyone experiencing Akismet going bonky today?

    For the past two hours Akismet has been eating every single one of my comments THAT I WRITE!

    Everyone else's comments are just fine.

    I keep clearing myself from Akismet but I keep getting caught.

    I know Support is still closed -- I wanted to see if anyone else is getting bitten?

  2. I removed 690 from my Akismet filter on one blog and found zero false positives.

  3. boles - try again? There was a blip which I think I have sorted out.

  4. I've been commenting this afternoon and all my comments have appeared.

    Maybe boles should leave a comment on TT's blog and see what occurs.

  5. I just cleared 57 more from another of my blogs. No false positives. Hopefully, boles isn't still having trouble.

  6. I love it when blips get cleared!


    Not fixed.

    One comment on one of my articles went through, the other comment on a second article got Akismetted.

    I left my comment there in Akismet for now but in an hour I'll have to fish it out or I'll forget where to find it...

    EDITED TO ADD: Submitted a third comment on my blog and that one posted.

  7. Yeah, sometimes my comments are marked as spam, but really is very rare that happens.

  8. It seems better now. I just posted two comments and they both went through.

    Yes, jaroche, sometimes I get caught but not often and not every single comment as happened earlier today.

  9. boles, sure. Akismet isn't 100% perfect, is just software. At least akismet isn't Skynet ;)

  10. Welp, I just got caught again by Akismet. I am marking this "not resolved" again.

  11. I see your comment in my blog was marked as Spam :S, have you tried change your email address?

  12. Might this have something to do with the drug discussions from a couple of days ago? Keywords and all that.

  13. jaroche -- Grr! I just posted a comment in Matt's "December Wrapup" post that disappeared -- EATEN ALIVE BY AKISMET!

    raincoaster -- Usually the drug discussions get caught immediately... there isn't a delay in identifying commenters... especially when the comments are not longer about drugs...

    I recently changed web hosting plans from Media Temple's (dv-Rage) to Media Temple's new Grid Server -- perhaps the Grid Server has DNS properties that are Spammy?

    If so, that will be resolved later today because I'm leaving Media Temple for Mosso.

    I'd hate to change my email address, but if that's the best thing to get this to stop happening, I'll have to do it.

  14. boles - everything to the main blog is moderated. It's there - I just approved them.

  15. Hi mark!

    Yes, I know the main blog is moderated, but usually you see your message there waiting telling you your message is in moderation.

    When you post a comment and it completely disappears from view, on my blog at least, it means Akismet ate it.


    EDITED TO ADD: Just had another of my comments eaten by Akismet on my blog. I guess I need to change my email address.

  16. It's happening to me as well!
    I can't see my comments on wordpress blogs (I've just written three and none of them is visible) and akismet blocks comments on MY own blog, is it on holiady?

  17. boles, We have a blog in the MediaTemple's GRID and we haven't problemes with akismet.

    Also you would create a foward email address, so you don't need to really change your inbox address.

  18. hi jaroche --

    Is your email hosted with MT on the Grid?

    I changed my email to see if it will make a difference.

  19. Yes, we have one mail account hosted on the Grid.

  20. Do you use that Grid email account for posting comments here on

  21. Here at I use a account, a public mail address (==tons of spam). Sometime ago all my comments have been marked as spam, so change my email to a sourceforge forwader account. After 2 weeks, come back to use the mailsnare account and everything almost fine, some times marked as spammer, but it's minimal.

  22. Thanks for that update. I will keep an eye on it with today's comments and my new addy.

    EDITED TO ADD: Changed Amdin and User email and still getting caught by Akismet. Not fun.

  23. I came here to post the same problem but seeing as how there's already a post about this happening to others, I'll just add my two bits to this thread.

    I suspect that at some point I must have posted something that either had the wrong word in it or a link or something and ended up being deleted as spam either in my own blog or in another WordPress blog... which means that Askimet has been "taught" that I am spam.

    Over the holiday, I posted about it here:

    so people would read about it and know to check their own spam bins for posts of mine. I hoped that if I and others were going into the bin and un-checking me as spam, that Askimet would be "trained" back into knowing I am not spam.

    This hasn't worked yet and have been doing it for several days now. I don't mind having to go to my own spam bin and retrieving my own posts at my own blog but it means that I can't be free to comment at other wordpress blogs because how would I tell them to go get my post out of their bins if they don't as a rule, check them?

    Does anyone know how long this might take or what I can do to get back in the Askimet "good graces"?

    Thanks for help!!!!

  24. I wonder if WordPress might create a "hidden" blog for just these kinds of situations? Then spambots couldn't find it, but WordPress bloggers could, if they run into the problem, post comments there and get them approved repeatedly and that way get un-spammed? It would take someone constantly approving them, though. Just a thought.

  25. fracas --

    I feel your frustration! I'm glad you posted your similar experience here. I don't comment on a lot of blogs and on those on which I do comment all know me so I don't think anyone would have flagged me as a Spammer by mistake or with viciousness.

    That said, last night it seemed things were cleared up and I was able to post on my blog and a friend's blog without getting Akimetted. I'll continue to test it this morning and if everything seems back to normal then I'll mark this thread resolved on my end.

  26. same for me! akismet takes all my comments on any blog! even mine!

  27. king - It's always helpful to read the thread that you post in. We talk about how to deal with the matter up above.

  28. I only wanted to leave a comment on your blog about the trillion issue thingy...but I got caught by akismet

  29. hmm.... ok I was able to post a comment on timethief's. Even one on mine. but got another spam akismetting killing trying getting it

  30. If you're talking about my main blog at, you need to have an account there to make a comment. I'm showing a comment caught by Akismet but not for that post and it came out of Atlanta. (And how they made it without an account, I would love to know)

    If you're talking about my old blog at, I'm showing a spam caught but, again for another post and it came out of Korea.

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