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Akismet eating legitimate comments from regular posters

  1. One of the regular commenters on my blog occasionally posts comments with a lot of links, so I set the parameters on the Akismet spam filter to allow up to 10 links (the maximum) without sending a comment in the moderation queue (because it apparently empties even the moderation queue before I have a chance to review it, even though I try to check it every day.) However, now Akismet seems to have decided his comments are spam, even without links in them, and filters them out. It doesn't wait for me to review them.

    I've already complained that Akismet deletes suspected spam too quickly. Even if I check it several times a day, it frequently deletes spam without me ever seeing it. Now that it is sending comments to the spam filter that are definitely not spam, this is a huge problem.

    Why is Akismet so buggy? Is there anything that can be done? I'd rather turn it off completely than have it lose comments from regular posters on my blog. No matter how many times I apporve comments from the same poster, Akismet still tags them as spam. Is there any way to permanently approve a particular comment source so that the spam filter will leave comments from that source alone?

  2. No, there isn't. This is an ongoing problem with Akismet; as long as his comments do show up in the spam filter, just un-spam them. Other than that, there is nothing you can do but complain to akismet.

  3. Send all the details - name / IP / web address / email through the support form at and I will see what is happening.

    But please do send me everything. (no screenshots though)

  4. I have twice submitted a question to akismet, asking about the spam not ever showing up.
    And they did not answer.
    So I now have a note in the sidebar saying I might not ever see all the comments left.
    I sense this problem is unecessary, and being able to turn it off might be an improvement.

  5. You will never be able to turn it off as long as you are at Akismet and are made by the same people.

  6. I sent the details. I did get a comment from this poster today, so it's intermittent whether it tags his comments as spam. But it did tag one as spam that didn't even have any links in it. Fortunately, I caught that one before it disappeared from the spam filter.

    If the spam filter would just retain comments identified as spam for 15 days (or until you delete them) like it says it does in the FAQ, it would be OK. Then at least I'd be able to review the marked comments and de-spam the legit ones. But it doesn't even keep them around for 24 hours. That seems like a serious bug to me.

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