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Akismet eating my comments

  1. Although I have never experienced this problem before, as of yesterday the comments that I leave on blogs where I have previously been approved did not appear immediately after I posted them. I became suspicious and did some investigation and found that the comments are ending up in the Akismet spam filter. Thus far raincoaster, sulz, thesacredpath and several other bloggers have found my comments in the Akismet filter and fished them out.

    I'm aware that this is a long standing problem as witnessed by the search box results

    At present I'm being compelled to send an email to every blogger who has a blog post I have commented on after I leave my comment. I'm wondering if staff can recommend any other way of dealing with this problem.

  2. Simple test....leave a comment on my site again as you haven't had problems before there. Just to see if Akismet is doing it or not.


  3. @trent
    Thanks for the response. I will leave a comment on your blog immediately after I post this.

    I've also noted that when I click the "My Comments" link on my dashboard the page does not load - spin, spin, spin - but no page load.

  4. @trent
    Comment left. I will now leave another one from my domain to see if it has also been negatively effected. (Yes the 2.3.2 upgrade has been done on my domain and the 2 Akismet upgrades too.)

  5. Yup, it ate that comment. I "un-spammed" it but it was in there alright.


  6. Thanks for fishing it out. I posted the other one I referred to above to your blog just now. So, are you into going fishing again on this fine New Years day? *lol* :D

    It has a contact form.

  8. @trent
    Here's an update on the "My comments" page that did not want to load previously. It took 4 minutes but it did load on the second try. YAY!

    Thanks for the link and Happy New Year to you! :)

  9. So this is resolved then?

  10. I don't know whether it is "resolved" or not until Trent responds again.

  11. Timethief - on the very many occasions that others have had a problem with Akismet you have told them to contact Support or go to the Akismet site.
    You said that. So it seems odd that you now decide to ignore the very advice you have dispensed and make a post in this forum which you would actually tell someone else off for doing because they failed to search and failed to act on that search.
    Was your advice wrong before?

    If you have a problem with Akismet, or you think there is a problem with Akismet then you go to the Akismet site and use the form there. That is the only place for Akismet solutions.

  12. I just wonder why this holiday support page is closed since first day of holiday!!! Come comment on my posts too. I de-spam you TimeThief. Also the fotos are "downloadable". That's new year gift :)

  13. @shahhrzaad
    Thanks for fishing out my comment. I'll be over to visit again in a short while.

    Yes indeed since October I have been advising folks to contact support or to use an Akismet contact form. Previous to that was this

    Anyway as mine is not a long standing problem but a brand new one, I'm hoping that with a little luck I may not have to bother you by filing either a support ticket or using an Akismet contact form on New Year's day.

    I'm thinking that as my comments are fished out and de-spammed today that Akismet will learn very quickly that my comments are not spam. This worked wonderfully well when I did it for shahrzaad here (scroll down to comments)

    But, if the problem persists tomorrow then I will file an Akismet contact and when this issue is resolved I'll be glad to mark the thread that way.

    Thanks again. :)

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