Akismet Failing Miserably

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    I dunno if this is just me but is Akismet hundred percent effective for all you guys? Yes, Akismet does manage to catch a lot of a spam for me but it does let a lot in and everysingle day I have to delete 10-20 spam and it’s highly irritating. I have blocked most of the words like “Mortgage”,etc but some spam just manages to get in…

    How effective is Akismet for you all?


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    Get in where? Is the spam showing on your posts, or is it in the Akismet file? I seem to be getting four spams on the blog a day, with it catching thirty in the spam file. Unfortunately, there will usually be two or three legitimate comments in the Akismet file as well.

    I wouldn’t call that failing miserably, but because Akismet doesn’t show all the spam it’s blocking in the file, it’s easy to assume it’s not working well when it actually is. It could work better, that’s quite true. But no, it’s not failing miserably.



    Obviously in the posts and not in the Akismet section. A minimum of ten spam escape the Akismet net.



    Not obvious. I can’t tell how smart you are from here: you have to be specific. I’ve seen worse: “something called Technorati is stealing all my posts” etc, etc.



    Caught so far Today (UTC, 14 hours left)
    Spam today: 3,934,321

    It’s not a small problem and that number represents just those blogs that Akismet protects.
    This is a massive problem.
    Akismet does what it can but like any code it’s not perfect.

    Without Akismet you would be deleting hundreds of spams a day so in the scale of things 20 isn’t so bad is it?

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