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    recently, i’ve finally found a comment which AKISMET has dubbed unjustly as spam… i didn’t actually notice it until a friend of mine actually told me about the issue… she thought that WP had a problem since her initial comment didn’t appear… hence she tried a second time… to no avail…

    this was surprising for the reason that she already commented on previous entries but why was she marked as spam now?

    so i checked out the comment manager and there it was under SPAM.. and after reading the comment.. i was sure the hell that it wasn’t… so i marked it as “not spam” and brought it to its rightful place…

    now i giddily went to the akismet stats to see its failure on the statsheet… but apparently it only marked the moderated comment as HAM (since i was the one who made it ham and not akismet) and not as a FALSE POSITIVE (since akismet was the one responsible for putting the legit comment in the spam bin)…

    i just want this fixed as i think that giving false accuracy stats is sincerely deceiving…

    thanks for looking into this

    The blog I need help with is themorningview.wordpress.com.


    The akismet stats are not 100% real-time. I’ve seen times when it has taken up to an hour for the stats reflected in the dashboard to change. I would wait for an hour or so and see if it doesn’t correct.

    You might have to clear your browser cache too, as some browsers hang on to and use cached pages tenaciously.



    oic… thanks dude.. cleared the cache… and it did get updated.. thanks again.. sorry for making a fuss..


    You are welcome, and not a problem. Some browsers are just lazy and don’t want to go out and get the new files. Internet Explorer is the laziest.


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