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    Akismet has gone wild. It has removed all but 20 of my comments. I checked this morning and they were all there and I checked just now and there are only 20 left. The first page of comments shows 6 pages but every click on page 2 or higher gets a 404 error. And I had read all the comments and not one of them was spam. The Akismet counter increased but there is nothing in the spam folder. I really hate to go back to Blogger but….



    Rudeness aside…

    Without seeing the comments in question, there’s little we can help with here in the forums. Best bet would be to submit a feedback and specifically point to what is occuring. You may want to state where they’re being removed from as I’m not totally clear as to what is occuring on your end. You are marking them as not being spam, right?

    Again, without seeing the specific comments and the IP addresses and all that, there’s little we can do for you here in teh forums.

    Gotta admit that your threat doesn’t leave me wanting to help you either.



    I tried feedback again today and await patiently. The last time I reported it I was told Akismet was working correctly. Today, I have doubts.

    What is occuring is I read comments and all of them prior to March 3, 2007 have disappeared from My Dashboard>Comments page. I go to my dashboard. I click Comments. That brings up a page of comments. There are links under each comment for Edit, Delete, Unapprove, Spam and a link to the associated post. I see no link to mark it as Not Spam. If there is a way to do that, please tell me. This page also has links to more pages of comments along with a Next link. As I said in my post, when I click on one of those links, I get a 404 error message.

    I just went to my archives and checked some of the posts and comments prior to March 3 and they are there. When I try to see them from the My Dashboard>Comments page, I can’t go back past March 3 even thogh there are links for several more pages. When I go to the actual posts, I get the comments.

    It looks like there may be problems other than Akismet.

    And I was not trying to be rude. I really would hate to go back to Blogger. I guess we all have our own opinion of what is rude, don’t we?

    The reason I blamed Akismet is because the Akismet counter keeps going up and I never see a comment in the Akismet spam folder.



    this sounds like a backend issue, you have to wait for a reply from feedback because volunteers in the forums don’t have access to such places.



    Thanks for the comment, sulz. I had left a Feedback just before I made my last post. I just checked and all the comment pages are present again so the immediate problem is resolved. I still think there is a problem with Akismet because the counter will increase in less than 24 hours and there will not be any comments in the spam folder. And I know the volunteers here can’t do anything about that.


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    startlingmoniker – that’s so amusing. And I’ve had the pleasure of putting up with that crap since Opie first appeared with Andy.

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