Akismet has lost its mind

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    It keeps sending regular posters to spam or moderated comments. It seems to be flagging long comments with no links but sometimes just flags one post by a poster who has a wordpress account or has posted a zillion times before. I have no idea how to stop it. I can’t get everyone out of comment jail all the time and one of my regular readers seems to have vanished (she kept winding up in comment jail). I have a lot of European readers so they tend to post while I’m sleeping and get very frustrated when their comments don’t show up. Any solution or tips or hints I can give to my readers?



    What percentage of the posts to your blog is it flagging?



    Please report Akismet issues here:


    Akismet does not affect moderation. If comments are being moderated, it’s because of your options on the Settings / Discussion tab.

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