Akismet, how to prevent from being jugded?

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    there is a big wave of prosecution going on in Germany, because lawyers getting money from it.
    They say: People have to know if they use Akismes when they comment on a blog. This has to happen via a pop up. Also they have to allow that via a check box.

    The Problem is. There is a Akismet function in the HTML code even when I don´t use any Akismet plug in.
    There is no pop up function, there is no check box function.
    But I actually don´t want to look unserious because of that.

    So dear, wordpress.com Team,
    would you please use another anti spam widget for wordpress.com so that we get not prosecuted?
    I have to shut down my blog if there is no possibility to prevent me from being judged.

    Blog url: http://lintusotarauha.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is lintusotarauha.wordpress.com.



    All WordPress.com blogs have Akismet. If you’re worried, put a text widget in your sidebar saying so.


    I said the same to a lawyer in another forum who is informing German, Swiss and Austrian bloggers.
    He said, this is not enough.

    It has to be something that informs the commentator even when he doesn´t wanna know.
    Also the commentator has to confirm to send his personal data over the form of Akismet. But writing and sending a comment to give a confirmation doesn´t seem to be the way the lawyers mean.

    I am so sorry for the annoying laws of Germany and I am so not proud of my country because of it because they criminalize people who have nothing to do with that widget.
    And I like to use WordPress.

    But there has to be a way for preventing people of prosecution.



    A widget in the sidebar does that. If they choose not to read it, they choose not to read it.

    I really truly do not think you have anything to worry about. WordPress.com does business all over the world and if that truly IS legally required, they’re probably working on a solution. But I bet it doesn’t involve pop-ups, because those just don’t happen at WP.com.

    WordPress owns Akismet, so if you’re giving your information to Akismet, it’s not really like giving it to a separate company. It’s all the same people. So when you fill out the comment form to give your info to Wp.com to post the comment, you’ve given WordPress permission.

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