akismet isn't performing it's job correctly

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    why is akismet classifing all of the comments i recieve as spam? my blog has been up for 2 yrs and aakismet has only allowed 4 comments to be posted on my dashboard, wjile it has classified 127 comments as spam and hasn’t let me see them so that i can make that determination myself.
    Blog url: http://foreveronguard.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is foreveronguard.wordpress.com.



    Akismet is correct most of the time. By default, spam on older posts is deleted immediately while spam on recent posts can be seen in Comments > Spam. If you wish to be able to see spam on older posts as well, go to Settings > Discussion and enable the option “Don’t discard spam on old posts”.



    The comments you have approved are actually spam comments too, especially the one by the commenter whose name is apparently “network camera”.

    We don’t show spam in your spam queue when it is either a duplicate of an existing spam comment, or a comment that has been voted as spam by the majority of WordPress.com users. This is why there is often a discrepancy between the amount of spam in your spam queue and the total spam caught by Akismet. We also automatically empty your spam queue every 15 days.


    and hasn’t let me see them so that i can make that determination myself

    Most of them are held in the Spam queue pending deletion if you really want to see them.

    Out of nearly 1,200 comments, only 5 have been valid and I deleted 2 of those as argumentative.

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