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Akismet Issue

  1. In the Dashboard, under the Spam, Akismet would report the new spam count that has been caught, which I would then delete or allow as was required.

    From the past few days Akismet is only telling me the total spam caught and the number increases without reference to the new spam.

    This means that I have to remember the number of spam on the previous day to be able to decide whether new spam has arrived (which I do need to check).

    Has Akismet stopped showing new spam? Or is it an issue that needs to be resolved.


  2. @kashmir
    Ther's no need for you to count spam. Drop and drag the askismet counter from your available widgets area into your sidebar and save changes. It's an automatic counter.

  3. Hi tt,

    No, not the widget. I meant the spam details that are provided on the dashboard. Earlier it would tell me the new spam that has been caught (in bold and the total new spam count as well)and now there is no direct indication to the new spam caught.

  4. Ahhh ... come to mention it I haven't had any "spam reports" for awhile either ... hmmm

  5. I have noticed this, too. When I first started my blog, total spam was on the Dashboard page but that was it. I had to go to Manage -> Akismet Spam to find new spam. Then recently, new spam was added on the Dashboard page in bold just like kashmir said. Now, it is back to the old way. How do we get the new, improved way to return? I really liked that.

  6. It's a backend thing. Send feedback if you want it showing up on the dashboards again.

  7. Feedback sent. Thanks! :)

  8. I asked about this and they said that people were "confused" by that new spam count on the Dashboard so they took it off that page. You can only see the new spam under Manage now.

    Another change I'm not happy about.

  9. SHEESH under manage - I had no idea! I must had missed the announcement about the change. It's a good thing I read your post Vivian because I just cleared 409 spams. I strongly preferred seeing this on my dashboard because it was "in my face" instead of tucked away and I kept on it. Now I will have to learn a new trick - growl ... :(

  10. I really wish they would change this back. How is new spam in bold lettering on the Dashboard (main page) considered more confusing than hunting for it under Manage?

    409. Dang. :(

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