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    Before I go and contact akismet, I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem or if there was an annoucement of problems that I’ve missed.

    I know that akismet occasionally has false positives. It’s a great service and I don’t expect absolute perfection. But when it identifies the blog owner’s comments as spam – that’s a little much. It also identified one of our authors’ comments as spam this week.


    People have complained about it all the time. All you have to do is de-spam it and Akismet will learn. I got a few of my comments spammed on my own blog, but after de-spamming it a couple of times, I haven’t had the problem since.

    I repeat, for you and everyone else…

    de-spam the comments and Akismet will learn not to spam them again



    Akismet doesn’t know who the comment author is and neither should it.
    Now it just sorts spam from comments.
    What it can’t do is check for the author, clear it if it’s an admin, then check if it’s spam, then decide what to do. It gets messy.

    Send a support to akismet with all the details you have.



    Here’s the link for sending in a support request http://akismet.com/contact/



    Thanks, I apparently wrongly assumed it had some method of checking for blog owners – or at least after someone has already posted a comment it didn’t mark them as spam again. I’ve had akismet on other blogs for years and never had an issue. I think I’ll wait and see if it continues before I send a support request.



    You’re welcome. The FAQs at Akismet is also a good resource to consult http://akismet.com/faq/

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