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Akismet Issues?

  1. How do I get rid of akismet? Or at the very least, how can I view the spam it's blocking because I think it's blocking alot of stuff it SHOULDN'T be and is actually more of a hindrance than a help to me right now... On my dahsboard it tells me how many spam comments it's blocked me from but I can't seemto get tot hem to see what coments they are. Help?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't turn Akismet off -

    To see your precious Spam - click on Spam under "Right Now" from your main Dashboard Page or go to Comments and at the top under "Comments" you will see small type "Spam (xx)" click on that to view.

    One word of caution - Akismet makes few mistakes - the last two people ranting about how Akismet was junking ALL their good comments and how they had to go in and manually OK things that had been false trapped had filled their site with over 90% Spam comments - they had a lot of cleaning to do - remember also that search engines will ding you for Spam comments - so if you care about Search Engines liking your site don't fill it with spam.

  3. @auxclass - About half of the comments akismet blocked were from two people that I know that are legitimate. so yes it was precious. thanks.

    @airodyssey - Thank you for the links! I read through them and they helped with alot of questions that I had.

  4. Marking spam as OK should teach Akismet that your friends are OK - if not then contact Akismet as your friends might be on a black list or their IP might have been flagged.

  5. "On my dahsboard it tells me how many spam comments it's blocked me from but I can't seem to get to them to see what comments they are."

    Go to Settings>Discussion, tick the option "Don’t discard spam on old posts", scroll down and click Save Changes.

  6. Pana*,
    genius =)
    Thank you

  7. @auxclass

    And where would I contact akismet and how does it happen they did not respond to my three emails I sent through the contact form on their website?

    How does it happen that all comments I give to fellow bloggers get blocked by akismet?
    They run their blogs with

    This only happens when I use my adress and nick for those comments. The same comments get through when I do not use my adress on them.

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