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Akismet issues?

  1. I haven't seen anything recent about this, so: Is there some way to adjust the strength of the Akismet spam filter? I keep finding actual comments there and, on top of this, they get deleted very fast; I think I'd have to log on every day to make sure nothing real was being deleted.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, it's not configurable. But they aren't deleted every day: I believe it's after 7 days.

  3. 15 days.

    Also, spam comments from the world's biggest spam factories are instantly deleted by, so don't be surprised if your spam counter goes up but there's nothing in your spam folder.

    @neurotype: all of the comments you un-spammed are in fact spam. Savannah, Tnelson, "With This Diet I Lost T h i r t y P o u n d s in Thirty Days", etc.

    If you see a comment from someone you don't know in your spam filter, there's usually a good reason it's there.

  4. Huh. Maybe I just need to check it more often...but it's still weird that comments seem to get shoved straight to spam.

    This is probably blasphemous, but Blogger has a great feature for comment moderation & adding in Captcha to limit spam.

  5. If you search the forum, you'll see why CAPTCHA isn't effective. I have a hunch you were approving those spams back at Blogger too; that they're finally being identified correctly as spam isn't a problem but a feature.

  6. Huh. Maybe I just need to check it more often...but it's still weird that comments seem to get shoved straight to spam.

    Not at all - they're spam.


    Spammers hire sweatshop workers to manually write spam comments so they can get around CAPTCHA blocks.

  7. Actually, about half of my comments went to spam--including a couple from people I know (who posted the same thing on Facebook, so no impersonations).

    I just have comment moderation on for Blogger, so I have to approve deleting/approving anything.

  8. @neurotype can you contact Akismet support with a list of which comments were incorrectly caught please?

    I checked and see 6 comments that you approved out of spam - all of which were accurately caught as spam.

  9. By now I've had 1950 comments caught by Akismet. Of those, a mere three weren't actually spam.

  10. @tellyworth Will do! Thanks for noticing the other ones--I didn't pay attention to those websites at the time.

    I am amazed at the things people will do to get around Captcha.

  11. Now, I have a different sort of problem - or perhaps i'm just dumb. I can see the message on the main dashboard saying that Akismet blocked 100+ comments. My question: can I see those comments anywhere to check if there was anything qualified wrongly? They don't go to my spam folder, that's for sure. They just get killed immediately, and as much as I trust Akismet, I'd still like to have some sort of control over the process...

  12. @naukowy: Spam from recent posts remains in the spam folder for 2 weeks. Spam from old posts is discarded immediately, unless you go to Settings>Discussion and tick the option "Don’t discard spam on old posts".

  13. Please read the answers from Staff posted above.

    On this Page you will see at the top of the page:

    * All * Pending (#-) * Approved * Spam (#-) * Trash (#)

    Click the Spam link and you can examine the comments held in the spam filter.

    On this page you can make comment handling choices as well. Settings > Discussion scroll down and find:
    Comment Moderation
    __ Don’t discard spam on old posts

    Frankly I am happy to have Akismet removes the most obvious and prevalent spam so I don't have to search through it. False positives are rare. The obvious and prevalent spam constitutes 83% of all comments received. See the Live Spam Zeitgeist at the top right of this page

  14. @naukowy and others: there are two reasons your spam counter can go up without anything appearing in your Spam folder.

    One is the "discard spam on old posts" option mentioned above. Spammers often comment on old posts, while real people rarely do.

    The other is that automatically discards spam from a few of the largest spam factories. They hit with so much dangerous spam that it's treated as an attack and blocked outright. Your spam counter will go up but you'll never see it. That's only true on, and only for the worst and most dangerous spammers - everything else will be in your spam folder for you to review.

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