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Akismet Key

  1. I understand that the Akismet Key is no longer used by WordPress. But on the widgets for the design of my blog, Bitter Harvest at:, I just got a free Akismet key. and i have loaded the akismet widget on the page for the journal/blog.

    My question is that if wordpress is no longer using the akismet key, then why should I get one, or even have it on my blog. I have the key. I got a free one. If I don't need it, please just let me know.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


  2. You don't need the key for, as Akismet is already built-in free of charge.

  3. Thank you very much for your assistance. I was actually slightly confused. Because when I was updating my user information. There was a link that was indicating that if I needed an Akismet key, that I should click the link. So obviously my question was that if WordPress is no longer using that service because it is actually built into the WordPress service. Then of course if that's true, why when I was updating my user information was WordPress offering me the opportunity to go and get a key if the key is already built into the service? Because there's no indication in what I was reading that is already built into the service. And I had no idea that it was. And when I was trying to update my user information WordPress was providing a link to go and get a new key. But you're saying that WordPress basically doesn't support getting a new key because it's already built-in. So that's true. And WordPress has already built in the key into the service that why are they offering a link when you update your user information to go and get a new key?

    Because basically what's happening is your telling me that WordPress already provides the key as part of the service. But at the same time, if that's true, than that means. The key is not necessary to get because it's already provided. But if it's already provided, then why is WordPress, prompting the user when the update to user information in the settings to go and get a new key?

    In any event, I'm excepting what you're saying is actually being the truth. But it still raises the question that if it is true that WordPress is saying on the one hand, that the key is part of the service. But on the other hand, are saying that even though it's part of the service. When you go to the user settings they are prompting you to go and get a new key. Even though the keys already part of the service. But they're not telling you that because there's no information in any of the options of the settings that says that the key is part of the service. So of course I would not know that it was because you're the only one that is told me that it was and there's no indication from WordPress that it is and there's no information from the key service that it is. So in other words, me is the user them has no idea if the key is actually part of the service or if WordPress and simply made a mistake and allowed that link to get a new key to be still placed in the user settings when as you say the key has now been built into the service. Which means it's basically disorganized information being presented to the user and possibly incorrect information being given to the user and possibly as a result of no one updating the user settings?

    It's not that I need clarification on this. But the manner in which this information is being presented is highly confusing. Because the reports are completely conflicting. Again, because if WordPress has already got the key is part of the service are not telling the user that because when you go to the user settings, WordPress is prompting the user to go and get a new key. And when you click that link, you are taken to the key service. But at the same time, your telling me that the key is part of the WordPress service. But if it's part of the WordPress service, then why is WordPress prompting the user in the user settings to go and get a new key?

    Thank you very much for commenting.

    I look forward to hearing more about this.

  4. Akismet is built-in to, but self-hosted blogs still need the Akismet plugin and Akismet API key.

    You can get an Akismet API key from

  5. thank you very much for your kind response. That completely explains everything. I just wasn't sure. It makes perfect sense. Once again, thank you so very much for your attention and your assistance regarding this issue. It really means a lot.

    Be well always

  6. You're welcome!

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