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Akismet key stopped working after upgraded to 2.0.7?

  1. I upgraded to 2.0.7 by copying those 7 files changed in the new package. But when I logged in as admin, I found that my Akismet key stopped working... Does any other people have the same problem? How to solve it?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. You need to be asking at We here at are running different software and our upgrades, Akismet, etc are run by WordPress itself for us, so we can't answer your question. I'm sure someone over there can, though. Good luck.

  3. I only count 6 files upgraded.

  4. raincoaster: sorry, don't know about this.

    drmike: I know that here it says that there are only 6 files modified. but I counted 7, I was also puzzled...


  5. You upgraded the akismet plugin. That was it. I've had the 1.2.1 version for a while now.

    Glad someone checks their plugins. :)

    Be sure to mention what you're seeing that tells you if it's stopped working. Are you getting an error? Or is it just flat out not working and all of your spam comments are getting through.

  6. Sorry that my desc was not precise. I meant that the 'key' stopped working, not the plugin... Got an error msg:

    "The key you entered is invalid. Please double-check it."

    So that file is not supposed to be overwritten?

  7. sorry that it was my fault. I changed absolute URLs to relative ones, and this caused the verification code not work...

  8. It should if you were running an older version.

    There's a couple threads over at that have suggested that you may need to reenter your key for it to kick in.

    You may want to check with your host and see if they've done any changes to their box. They need to allow the use of fopen and outbound port 80 calls for Akismet to work.

    Hope this helps,

  9. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.

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