Akismet Marks Self-Pings as Moderated Comments

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    It’s been a few months or so, but since Akismet was updated, all of the self-pings that I generate are marked as Moderated Comments. Now this wouldn’t be an issue if it was only one or two, but today I had to manually approve 328 self-pings. I want to know if Automattic plans on addressing this issue with the self-pings or are we just going to have to edit manually all of the new posts so that they no longer generate self-pings.



    I don’t thing that is akismet doing it or they would be in the spam folder. Staff may have done this on purpose as there are a lot of us that don’t like self-pings posted in the comments on our blogs and having them go into moderation prevents them from showing up directly on the blog and then we have to go in and delete them.

    I’m speculating here, but I will tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will drop in and tell us what is going on.


    I tried several times to reproduce this, but had no luck. I could get self-pings to end up in moderation, but that wasn’t from Akismet, which would have marked it as spam.

    One place to look first to determine if this is an Akismet related item is the history section on the comment. That should tell you if Akismet thought of it.

    You can send details to Akismet via akismet.com/contact/ and we can take a closer look.

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