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    Gentlemen of the WP advisers…

    Over the last 2 weeks I have cleared upwards of almost 3,000 messages from drug companies and some serious violent sites that have been linking to my blog. My akismet is sitting over 15,000 spam messages cleared. The past week I’ve been seeing over 300 messages a day or more come through my spam filter, and now they are starting to get into the regular comment queue.

    Spam traffic coming through the main filter has spiked over the last week. I wonder if any one else has these problems. I haven’t looked at the graph as of late.

    Just some thoughts …




    I wonder if any one else has these problems.

    I politely ask if you dropped akismet into the search bar at the head of the forums and taken a look? Gotta admit that you’re making life hard on the volenteers here in the forums if you’re not doing that.

    You are marking the spam that has gotten through as spam, right? That way the system learns what is spam and what isn’t.




    Over 15.5 million spams stopped today.
    It’s trying hard.



    Eight hours ago I cleared all my spam. I just checked, and three spams got through, and two thousand, one hundred and twelve were stopped by Akismet. That’s a ratio I can live with, although I am considering banning the words “websight” and “casino”.



    I’m still eyeing that 243,275 figure I have on one of my blogs.

    *chuckle* If I had a nickle….



    Live Spam Zeitgeist http://akismet.com/stats/
    1,688,736,350 spams caught so far
    18,287,265 so far today
    95% of all comments are spam


    I marked all my spam messages in the spam queue. Tonight I crossed 15,200 spam messages blocked. 20 got through to my regular comment queue over the last 48 hours which I marked as spam as well, and they were deleted. I just asked the question here because I saw a marked spike in the number of spam messages making it into my account, I wasn’t complaining. This spike happened a while back then there was a lul in garbage mail coming through, it just seems that some drug companies are sending out oodles of spam for every pill on the market. And as of late, I have been getting traffic from gratuitous porn sites sending me massive links to “get hooked up!” I just found the push of spam recently peculiarly heavy. I keep my blog ‘clean’ of suspect links in my blog list, but it seems that straight heavy porn sites are infiltrating and linking my blog onto theirs which has never happened before since I joined WP.

    I’m going to forward this to mark in support as well.

    Sorry if I was a bother, I did not mean to be. My apologies.




    Akismet is doing a wonderful job. I keep getting hit by this IP: even though I have added it to the options> discussions> blacklist. It really is annoying but at least they are being held in Akismet. They should ban the IP.

    Almost sad when your spam is greater than your hit’s LOL



    Your post wasn’t a bother. It’s just that you came in with “Has anyone else seen this?” when a quick look at the front page at the time would have shown you at least two other threads on the topic.

    We don’t mind handholding but that was a bit much….



    Anyone else’s akismet just go blank? I had about 30 to check but now they’re gone.



    Nevermind, they’re back.

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