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    I’ve sent this using the feedback link, but still no reply or action, so I guess I’ll post it here.

    I blog in Hindi on my WP.com blog and the comments are also in Hindi 99.99% of times. for some strange reason, Akismet marks all comments as spam & I’ve to go and unmark them to make them display. I’ve heard from people using the Akismet plugin that they’ve had almost 0% false positives, so I’m thinking whether this behavior of Akismet is triggered by non-english comments or what?

    an official answer from Matt or someone would be very much appreciated on this!!



    Do you mark the comments as “not spam” in the Akismet interface?



    yes, I don’t think there’s any other way to get them back. but it still marks the comments of people whose comments have been approved earlier!! I just retrieved 2 comments from someone whose comments were approved earlier & 1 of a new person. Like I said, every comment made by someone other than myself is ending up in spam!!

    so I’ve to check in every now & then to see if any new comments were made & rescue them from the spam list!! :( quite frustrating in a way, & I don’t get any email notifications for any new comments even though I’ve the option checked to receive an email whenever someone posts a comment!!



    so Matt, any work towards this issue? I might also say that ever since I started blogging on my WP.com blog, except for the first few comments which ended up in moderation queue, every comment since then is turning up as spam marked by Akismet. I do think that its something that should be looked into, because even after marking the comments as “Not Spam”, comments from same authors etc end up again marked as spam!!



    I have the same problem. I blog in Korean.



    If you mark them as “not spam” and click on that “not spam” button on the bottom of that page, they should wind up back on the “Manage Comments” page. You don’t mention if these are comments from other WordPress.com bloggers or outside. It has been mentioned that comments and trackbacks from WP.com space have been coming up as spam in some cases here. This might be what you are hitting.



    this issue hasn’t arisen for quite a while now, an occasional comment or two may end up in moderation queue but not tagged spam by akismet.

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