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    Ok here is what happened:

    I got 2 spam comments according to AKISMET. So I went from 10 to 12 spams caught by akismet. All very well… However I didnt see what they were. OK it just means it is the same spammer sending you stuff all very well….

    However all my spams (except 1?) that I received through AKISMET (i.e. akismet caught them and made me have a look at them) were PINGBACKS… so does this POTENTIALLY mean that the same spammer is pingbacking more of my blogs on to his scrapper/splogger website and akismet is not letting me see the address?

    This sucks because now I wont be able to see a direct link of if they have gotten hold of my blogs…. and them having stolen more than one blog post on to their blog will strengthen my defense when I talk to their host/domain/IP/Ad provider… Pingbacks should be allowed to be viewed no mater what…

    I would tell AKISMET staff this but I have sent them a comment previously and I got no reply… would it be worthwhile to ask wordpress staff to take a look at this? (via support?)




    i think you sould tell them or something?



    I would but support is always closed where I live :(….Always… I dunno what times I have to be up to send them a message.. :(… Guess I need to stay up all night!



    Excuse me for butting in, but remember, Akismet learns. By “teaching” it which is good and bad comment spam, including inspecting for false/positives, it learns what is good and not good. And it learns as a community, so others are teaching it as well as you. You don’t know if they’ve put that comment spammer/scraper into the queue. If they did, it was probably for a good reason.

    I recommend that you check Akismet on a regular basis, and if you get a lot of comment spam, then use the Akismet Auntie Spam Greasemonkey Script for Firefox to make the process easier. And use the search function if you know the name or keywords of the comment/pingback/trackback you are searching for. That will help pull it out of the queue.



    Hey lorell! Nah no problem at all, any contribution is more than welcome :)

    Thanks for the firefox plug in/add on thingy… I have added it, and I shall utilise it as such in the future… It’s a great feature how it shows the multiple comments from the same person!!

    But yeah, I suppose I shouldn’t worry about it as much… I guess the less AKISMET shows me pingbacks of scrappers/sploggers the less I will be investigating their site and trying to shut them down and I can use the time to relax :)

    Thanks again for your help!
    Cheers :)

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