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    I have had a few “spams” the past week that seem to be some sort of web crawler, looks like maybe taking excerpts to place on an engine somewhere? Is this a harmful Spam? Or, should I zap it ?

    The blog I need help with is sonsothunder.wordpress.com.



    I do not know what you mean by zap it. If it’s spam then mark it as spam.



    The question was ..is it “Spam” or for what purpose would they be crawling, and excerpting passages from my blog, I didn’t know whether to “Zap” Delete it, or if anyone knew if it is possibly a web-crawler from a search engine.
    Thank You


    Some crawlers will harvest blog posts for inclusion on splogger/scraper sites and then surround them by ads in hopes some unsuspecting visitor will click on an ad. When they harvest the posts, they end up taking a link to the blog post with them which ends up creating a pingback to your blog that ends up in the comments. If it is a known scraper/splogging site, Akismet will typically mark them as spam.



    It might be the ping back links, some of them get into spam (probably when the pingback site is blacklisted). These quotes text from the page where your link of the page appears. Might be something like that.



    Thank you all for responding, I really appreciate that. Never know about something till you ask, and Akismet does a wonderful job of giving me the chance to ask. That’s one great feature.

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