Akismet says it caught spam, but I can’t see it

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    Akismet is supposed to retain spam for 15 days so you can retrieve them if they aren’t spam, but obviously, it doesn’t do that. The number of spams it claims to have caught on my blog keeps getting incremented, but I’ve only ever seen one spam on the Caught Spam page. The next time I looked, it was already gone. I check it every day now, but the spams don’t stick around long enough for me to see what they are. Given that there are so many complaints about actual comments getting tagged as spam, it concerns me that I can’t even see what’s getting blocked.

    Is there any way to find out what comments it has blocked if they don’t show up on the Caught Spam page?



    I am afraid that if they don’t show up in the Caught Spam page they can’t be seen any other way. This is one that you might need to send a support request to staff about as I don’t know if an answer has been given in the forums that explains this.




    This is happening to me now as well. My caught spam count is going up, but there is no spam in the Akismet folder.



    Yes, I’m having the same problem. Also, I got several mails from people asking where their comments ended up… I never got to see any of them. All said they sent “genuine” comments without links or anything…???!!!



    Same with me on my blog. Got spam messages but cannot seen them. What gives?


    It’s been this way since before August 2007 and seems to effect some and not others. Volunteers here in the forum simply don’t know. Perhaps staff will see the thread and respond and perhaps not. You can contact staff tomorrow when support is open and see if you can get some idea of what is going on with it.

    See this closed thread started by Barry (staff): https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=14238&page&replies=70


    I am having the same issue, 10 on my askismet page, but should be about 40



    This from the Akismet FAQ-

    “What if it shows a different number of comments than it has reported caught?

    Some versions of the Akismet for WordPress plugin will hide duplicate comments, making it appear to be a different number caught than displayed.”

    So I am going to assume that I am getting duplicate spam until I hear different.



    Yes, but I don’t see any. The number of “caught spam” goes up, but whenever I check the Akismet page, it says it must be my lucky day. I check it at least once a day. Is there any way to turn it off?



    Nope. There’s no way to get rid of Akismet on WordPress.com, because they’re produced by the same company and bundled together.



    I didn’t have a problem until the new change which categorizes spam.
    ( http://wordpress.com/blog/2008/01/17/akismet-interface/ )
    Now instead of 50+ comments/day, I have….1.
    This worries me a bit, mostly because I suspect a few real comments are missing.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    And really, Askimet is worth having, even if you have to train it. I got >80K spam comments in 2007.



    That should read–50+*Spam* comments.
    When did we loose the ability to edit our posts? Huh.



    I am having the same problem… and i am worried that a lot os the comments are not spams too! please let me know how to read my comments before they delete them!



    Maybe this is a different problem, or I’m an idiot (entirely possible), but I was having this same issue until I noticed that on the dashboard, under “options” and then “discussion” there is a box to check that is labled “Don’t discard spam on old posts”.

    Once I checked that, I could view the spam comments and delete them as needed.



    @ virginiadiaz: I never saw that before. I now checked it, too, and hope it will solve the problem. Thank you for pointing it out!


    I had two comments marked as spam when i woke up this morning, and i couldnt view any of them.

    I have tried what virginiadiaz mentioned and i’ll post back here as soon as i have any news :)

    Thanks virginiadiaz


    I just checked my spam and i had one message in there, i was able to display it and saw that it wasnt a spam message. . . so i allowed it

    this is worrying as now im thinking all the other spam messages i’ve seen over the past week may have been ligit comments :(

    but it seems Virginiadiaz’s method gave me the ability to view blocked messages




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