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akismet spam

  1. akismet tells me, he catched some spam commentarys. but where can i administrate them? some guys told me, that they canĀ“t comment my blog. so i want to my manage spam by my own. thanks for ideas!

  2. You should be able to go from your Dashboard to Comments, and under Comments you should be able to click on Akismet spam. See if they're in there.

  3. It's a good idea to check the Akismet spam every day to look at what it catches to make sure legitimate comments aren't getting caught. If they are, despam them and Akismet will learn.

  4. Now that avatars show up in Akismet, it should make it much easier to find the real comments that were accidentally spammed.

  5. @rain
    That's a really good point. I only get 20-50 in my akismet filter per day, but it's been growing weekly. Anything to make sorting through it easier is certainly appreciated.

  6. Well it will be for about 7 days and by then I expect they may register and have avatars too.

  7. Here's an interesting thing I noticed when I went to the site that offers free daily blog back-ups and ghosted their forum. Almost every person posting to that forum was a drug or flesh spammer. from what I read they are more savvy than many bloggers are.

  8. "Well it will be for about 7 days and by then I expect they may register and have avatars too."

    I honestly do not see the point in that statement.

  9. I'm sorry that I'm so frequently offending you. I notice that spammers aren't far behind us and that the posts that get the most spam on my blog tend to be a week old or older. Perhaps your experience is different.

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