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    The spam software is catching almost every comment posted from a non-registered user. I am using the blog space for a college class and most of my students, who have been commenting without issue for several months, are now having comments disappear. I have found most of these comments in Akismet but don’t know how, aside from having everyone register, to prevent these occurrences. Any ideas?




    It should learn. If you take the time to remove these comments from the spam queue for a couple of days, the problem should disappear.



    Or contact akistment @ http://akismet.com/contact/



    way too much spam here


    Why are people so rude as to spam. Would it be best to flag offending IP address and simply block them. It seems that at least 80% of the spam comes from less than 100 IP addresses, as almost every spam is almost the same. Of course they will change IP but you can keep blocking them. Also wordpress could limit a IP address to a hourly cap without effecting most humans, say a max of 30 comments per hour….both of these ideas would really reduce the spam.

    Jason Dragon



    Maybe you should suggest that to wordpress via email capitalactive? I think they would be willing to hear you out and decide on the good points/bad/weather its worth doing/etc..



    Akismet doesn’t answer, so don’t bother writing to them. For me it has started to behave itself again after a week or two of what you describe. I assume they work at it behind the scenes. Or maybe it cures itself. Who knows? If you write to support they say contact akismet. They don’t reply so you are back to waiting it out.



    I have a similar problem. Akismet marks all comments of just one person (a friend of mine, not registered at wordpress) as spam, but these comments are not Spam. This is happening for several months, but even though I mark all these comments as “no spam”, Akismet seems not to “learn”.
    So, do you believe it makes sense to contact directly someone somewhere, as pkayski is suggesting, or is it a waste of time, as lazyaussie believes?
    Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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