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Akismet Stats / Spam box not matching up

  1. Ok, so I don't like this Akismet thing to begin with, but since I have to live with it, this is my question:

    The Akismet Stats show it cought 4 spam comments yesterday, 8 in the past 15 days, 16 in the last two months and 32 total.
    My comments box shows only 1 spam from 10 days ago...
    I want to see what was flagged as spam, How do I do it?
    Where are the settings for this Akismet thing?
    Where are the comments it said it flagged as spam?
    What is the deal?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We actually hide duplicate spam comments from view, other wise some of the much larger blogs whole have several pages of nothing but the same spam comment. :)

  3. So all 8 from the past 15 days are identical for sure? is there any way to make them visible just in case? I never even saw the other comments in the comments box under spam, there is never anything under pending...

  4. felicitasfoster

    I do have the same problem. It says it has detected spam but there is no possibility for me to see if it was really spam. Like in my emails I have the possibility to see what is in my spam folder and I can return stuff I wanted to receive back to my normal mail. Here I do not have the possibility to check it our for myself if the comments caught were truely spam. I would appreciate it if I would be able to check it out for myself.

  5. I assure you, they're definitely duplicates. There's no other way for the system to hide them, unless they're exact duplicates of spam comments that were previously submitted.

  6. hi... i kinda have a similar problem... akismet stats for march this showed me that it had at least 20 spams comments filtered and since the beginning of march i've been checking my comment stats every 3-5 days or so and not one of them showed up under spam...

    about duplicates.. if ever the comments that you pointed out were actually DUPLICATES then shouldn't the spam bin at least SHOW THE DUPLICATED COMMENT... plus the numeric value of how many there are... at least by then we can be sure that the comments blocked are actually spam... the auto delete that akismet has been doing is alright with me just so long as i at least have knowledge of what was deleted...

    how can u ask us to verify false positives for spam if we don't even get a chance to review the spam...

  7. The very worst of all spam often contains malware and viruses etc. These duplicate spams are apprehended by Akismet and we do not receive it for examination simply because it has the potential of bringing down many blogs.

  8. hmm... i wasn't aware that outside users could embed malware and viruses by mere commenting (no sarcasm intended)... all though in my experience... spam generally contain LINKS which lead to sites which do have malware and viruses that could attack your computer... and to trigger the attack one must first click on the link provided in the spam comment... hence i don't think that merely keeping a link in the spam folder would necessarily mean an infection of your computer much more the server... plus my suggestion merely was to identify the spam comment/s with an indicator of how many duplicates it had per identified spam comment... usually if a link keeps popping in duplicate comments i think nowadays people have a right mind to stay clear of them... the trouble with akismet is that people tend to question the reliability of the feature... with transparency at least it could give users peace of mind... especially when they think at least 1 of 20 comments marked as spam is actually legit...

  9. The spam I referred to above is activated immediately upon clicking the link - click and a malware download takes place.May I suggest that you contact Staff directly by using this link?

  10. Akismet can't win here - if the links are still active then someone will click on the Malware link and their computer is damaged and they will be somewhat upset and the Malware Spammer wins - my experience is that something under 0.01% of the spam might be good - with a site that used to get 350 spam comments a day just paging through them is a chore - I think what they said is that if Akismet finds say 500 identical comments they think that is spam - remember that Akismet is looking at comments for probably way over 30,000,000 sites so they see a lot more spam than you do.

  11. "remember that Akismet is looking at comments for probably way over 30,000,000 sites so they see a lot more spam than you do"

    About 500 per second, yes.

    ishin09: doesn't show all spam. Most of it, but not all. The stuff that is hidden is done so in order to protect and its users. It's a matter of security, and therefore not negotiable. I assure you there's no chance at all this will resulting in legitimate comments being missed. This is a policy, not Akismet.

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