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Akismet takes my comments as spam

  1. I've complained about this before. I keep reading that spam is automatically deleted after 15 days. Sometimes I don't even get 15 minutes. I check Akismet two or three times per day at the most, but it's usually already empty...and the Akismet count has jumped up. I am finding my own comments and comments of regular commenters in there...and sometimes I am missing my own comments and Akismet is empty. Friends email me to tell me that their comments are never posted...and, again, Akismet is empty. I would certainly like the opportunity to decide if I would like to scroll through the garbage once in a while to see if there's anything legit in there.

    I don't get 15 days before spam is deleted and I don't believe Akismet is "trainable" to recognize regular commenters. Grrrrr.

  2. Agreed but you're still complaining at the wrong place to the wrong people.

    Feedback. We can't help you here and you're just yelling at those folks trying to help others. And that just makes the problem worse.

    (Actually I don't see where you've complained before. I only see this and your other thread. Not a biggie though. Feedback is still the way to go.)

  3. It's been a while since I complained. Maybe I actually did click the Feedback button the last time I complained. Thanks, drmike. (It's been a rough week...I guess I had to complain somewhere about something!)

  4. It's a great inconvenience to be sure but I'm smiling at your good natured response. You need staff help. Nothing can be done for you on the forum.

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