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Akismet - Unable to see caught spam messages

  1. At the very least we should be able to make a sticky post o our blogs to inform our readers about Askimet's breakdown.

  2. I'am also having the same problem my spam counter is going up but there's nothing in the queue.

  3. I'm having the same problem

  4. There is a demonstrated problem with Akismet.

    When I wrote to forums and later support about Akismet Gone Wild, I figured I would be the lone member taking issue with Akismet. Boy, was I wrong. I've read dozens of similar complaints from members.

    That said, instead of giving WP members a pat response such as "It's being worked on," or, the equally dismissive, "Just think how much worse it would be with no Akismet," how about making Akismet an OPTIONAL feature?

    I've written to Akismet requesting instructions how to remove it from my blog and I never got a response.

    It's not fair that we are being held captive by Akismet. Luckily, my readers are patient but they are growing tired of not seeing their comments appear the moment they post them. If this problem had existed from the beginning, I doubt that my blog would have passed the 250,000 hiy mark.

  5. Here at .com, there is no way to remove or disable Akismet on your blog. Akismet is b0rked at least for some. On one of the blogs I had here at .com, I had the problem of virtually never being able to review the comments Akismet caught. On the other blog I created a few months after the first, Akismet works properly. If the count goes up by 5, I have 5 to review. On the first blog, the count may go up by 10, 20 or 30 before I get the chance to review a token one or two spams.

    I first noticed the problem about 9 months ago.

  6. Can't we organize something? An anti-Askimet campaign on the internet? Collect signatures in protest? Write posts about it on all our blogs? Warn against the use of Askimet?

  7. Oh well. It seems that Askimet is a WordPress company or Automattic company. Wikipedia says so. Consequently my suggestion above would be a very bad idea. So don't do that....

  8. That's not a bad idea just because WordPress wuvs it so very very much. So what? We're still getting outrageously poor service. Akismet plainly is as full of bugs as a beetle jamboree and quite simply sucks large expanses of arse.

  9. Well, I want my spam back. It was addressed to me - not Askimet. I decide what is spam and what is not. I have comments there that I haven't seen and I want them released.

  10. Hear hear!

  11. Excuse my tinfoil hat, but given how long this has been going on, I would not expect to see a solution anytime soon. I'm just being a realist based on the history.

  12. Hi Gang

    I'm fairly new here and not really sure how anything works, but I have learned something interesting about Akismet on my own that might explain a little something about it.

    I have had ZERO Spam ever since my first blog, but at the same time I have been unchecking the allow PING box on each post.

    My last three posts I left that box checked, and I get an Akismet notice that it has blocked X number of spam messages. The number shown seems to be equal to the number of pings my site has received. Then it shows my OWN post as Spam, so I mark it as NOT SPAM and hit the submit button.

    So, in my case, if I uncheck the PING checkbox, I get no Akismet Spam warnings?????
    If I check it, the Spam Warning Counter increments with the number of Pings that blog gets. Makes NO sense to me either!
    I have NEVER YET been able to view a message marked as spam, other than my OWN POST comes up when I click VIEW SPAM which is NOT SPAM of course.


  13. Askimet is very efficient, and WordPress offers many features, without tons of advertising...all for "free". You can't beat that. However, glitches do happen. It's just a matter of working out the kinks. At the very least, removing automatic deletion of spam after 15 days would help greatly. That way blog owners will have the option of approving legitimate comments, which prevents Askimet from automatically deleting them as spam in the future without notification. Gamehq, the latter may explain why your spam count goes up without any comments to view. Miss T

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