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    This is to suggest that the akismet program is not working or that there has been any lack of coverage at all, it’s just to make sure we are all aware of a change in case it slipped by you.

    dashboard – > presentation -> sidebar widgets -> available widgets -> drag and drop the akismet widget into sidebar – click it to configure and then click “save changes”.



    I’ve read this 3 times, and I still can’t work out whether you’re advertising the akismet widget has changed (can’t see any changes) or pointing out a problem with akismet.

    I’ve had 9 spam comments slip through over the last 2 nights but I asssumed that was increased weekend traffic.

    Am I too tired and missreading your post or did you word it incorrectly?



    I just noticed I had such a widget and thought maybe it had slipped the attention of other people too that’s all. Akismet has caught 844 spams since I began my blog on April 8th. WOW!



    Folks, I now have aserious spam problem… and had to close the comments in teh middle of a heated discussion becasue of it.

    Something like a hundred spam messages haev slipped by since last night…. and I literally haev to sit here zapping them like flies every few minutes….

    Akismet used to work great and then, suddenly, it just stopped (or nearly stopped for me)…. can anyone help… please



    Either send in a feedback or send an email to support@wordpress.com. Also know that if this is happening to you they are probabaly working their butts off already so hang in there. Shutting off the comments was a good self protective move IMO.



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