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    Good day,
    I found all ready several topics regarding my problem, but I could not find a solution in the posts. So here again the question.
    I find several spam messages in my Aksimet statistics, I really like to check the ‘spam’ messages but I can’t find them in the menu settings -> comments or in the Aksitmet settings.
    I’m using Aksimet version 2.5.3 and WP software version 3.1.

    Can you pls. advice me in what to do? Every month I see the spam messages rising and I think that some ‘none spam’ messages are marked as spam. The WP spam comments tab stays empty.

    Thanks in advance,




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    My excuse,

    Wrong forum…. Topic closed and moved to .org.



    Akiksmet takes the worst of the spam and throws it away – that includes malware links and malicious code – Akismet looks at something like 500 comments a second and thus can find the duplicates easier than us.

    There have been a couple of recent threads here about this also.



    I am having the same problem and i don’t understand the reply the support bot sent.
    I would like to be able to check the “spam message” to make sure it’s not legitimate messages aksimet is interpretting as spam.

    Chances are it is spam, but I would like to be able to see what the messages are and make the determination myself as well.

    How do you monitor the content of the “spam” message? Did you get an answer to that?


    @olgaluz: If you wish to monitor your spam, just go to Settings>Discussion, tick the option “Don’t discard spam on old posts”, scroll down and click Save Changes.

    And yes, Akismet is very rarely wrong. In my blog, for instance:
    number of comments caught so far: around 7600;
    genuine comments incorrectly withheld as spam: less than five;
    spam comments that weren’t withheld: less than ten.



    thank you. I have followed your instructions. My question then becomes – How do I review the spam that Akismet has flagged?


    a) “Right Now” module on main dashboard screen includes total number of comments and number of comments currently in spam folder: click “Spam”. (If you’re not seeing a “Right Now” module, click Screen Options top right to activate it.)

    Or b) Dashboard sidebar: click Comments, click Spam.

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