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    I started publishing my blog in Jan, and now it is on the radar and receiving 50+ spam comments a day, so I have looked into adding Aksimet to resolve this. I have uploaded the plugin and activated it. I put in the API key, but it says that my API key is not valid. I have verified it and tried a couple more times.

    Then I got a message “The key you entered could not be verified because a connection to akismet.com could not be established. Please check your server configuration.”

    What can I do?



    Hey there! These are the forums for the hosted version of wordpress and you have a self-hosted blog. The support forums for the self-hosted wordpress installs are at:


    In regards to your problem, you must have just created an account on wordpress.com for the Akismet Key. I would take a look at the docs for it at:

    This article on API key to make sure it is the correct one

    FAQ at Akismet.com

    I haven’t heard of any problems with the akismet servers, but they might also be having issues in which it wouldn’t be able to determine the key. If that is the case, then maybe just waiting might help.

    Hope that gets you going again and good luck!




    thank you



    Actually we do answer the Akismet key issues here since this is where folks get the key from.

    Please check with your host as they may have changed something. The Akismet plugin uses the fopen function to make a connection to the Akismet servers. Ask your host to allow for outbound port 80 calls and ask them to check to see if fopen is allowed. Some hosts turn it off for security concerns.

    Hope this helps,

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