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Aksimet Spam

  1. Hi,

    I have just recently opened a blog account with wordpress (not even 2 weeks yet), and only last week i noticed that 4 comments have been suposedly 'protected' by aksimet and 1 was pending which I looked at and noticed it was not spam. I tried to view the other 4 comments but have been uanble to do so. Also, the last 2 days it says there's a comment in the aksimet queue however, I am unable to access it. This is very disgruntling considering that these may be leigmate comments and people may wonder why I have not approved it. Please can you provide assistance with this and let me know how I can solve this and retrieve the comments that has been 'protected' by aksimet.

    I have since ticked the box to allow review of spam content before it being discarded nevertheless, I would like to have the opportunity to view these 'protected' comments and decide for myself and since it is not been 15 days (comments received 26.03.2011) I am hoping this will be possible. Please advice.

    I look forward to hearing fom someone soon.

    Kind Regards,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. SIGH Results of forum search >

    Please read what Staff member "Tellyworth" and "Mark" state in that thread.

  3. @timethief,

    Thank you for your quick response, I was not aware that those that were deleted without staying in the queue system for 15 days are actually confirmed spam targetted at, thank you for pointing that out.

    I appreciate that this is probably an annoying and frequently queried topic; I did look on the forum etc but was not successful in finding a useful answer. The one you have provided is very enlightening.

    Thank you again.

  4. @yikici
    Not to worry about the frequency with which we Volunteers reply to this topic. Few who are new to blogging comprehend that the Akismet Live Spam Zeitgeist demonstrates 83% of all comments received are spam. . Some is malicious spam containing malware and code that can compromise security and bring a large number of blogs down if posted. In addition each and every day Staff have to cope with about 20 or more DDoS (direct denial of service) attacks so our blogs are not compromised.

    Best wishes to you for happy blogging. :)

  5. @timethief,

    I had no idea, that is very interesting. Thank you for that & happy blogging to you too :)

    Your volunteer works are very much appreciated.

  6. @yikici
    Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them very much. :)

  7. @panaghiotisadam

    Thank you, I did come across this the above discussion, but thank you for taking the time out to refer me there, much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

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