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Alarming drop in blog stats

  1. Hi all,

    Looking for some advice/help re blog stats. My blog regulalrly pulls in around 1500 - 2000 hits per day. A couple of weeks ago I changed to a new theme, added a stat counter to my blog's home page and since then, my stats have dropped drastically to around 400 - 500 hits a day. I don't know if adding a new theme/visitor counter is responsible for this, but it does seem quite coincidental. My blog is still linked to the usual blog aggregators and search engines, I can see where my traffic is coming from and I still post as regularly as before, but I can't work out why my stats are so low.

    Can anyone tell me why/help me fix it?

    thanks for reading,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Report it to staff via the Help button on your dashboard. I have had a similar issue and they've been working with me to determine where the drop is coming from.

  3. I just noticed my stats counter dropped 830,000 page views from my overall number. Anyone else seen anything like this before?

  4. Same here. I just have a small blog site, 100 or so a day for two years now, but it dropped to about 6 or 7 daily around the time WordPress was (as I recall on a post) working on the date formatting? Anyway, glad I'm not alone here. Hope this gets cleared up.

  5. @mayavision2012

    Please follow rains suggestion and submit a support ticket for this matter →

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