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Alaska tag still not showing older than new posts???

  1. We use the Alaska tag in our reader as our main feed. Why are there still only new posts showing up? The older posts drop off like they never existed? This is our third inquiry about this topic over the last two weeks.
    Thank you for checking into it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    I recall you posting vefore and have flgged this thread for a respinse form Staff while waiting you can check out this blogs:
    Google search string - alaska
    search results

  3. Good Gawd! I just witnessed my typos and cringed. I apologize for not spell-checking.

    edit: I recall you posting before and have flagged this thread for a response form Staff. While waiting you can check out these blogs:

  4. Our team is investigating the issue with Alaska tags. Some recent posts tagged Alaska have been returned to the Reader and we're working on getting this completely restored. Thanks for your patience.

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