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    Just bought the CSS upgrade and began customizing Albeo but I’m having some issues.

    My Blog:

    1. How do you edit Albeo so HR shows? I’ve tried adding border: 1px solid #000; but it wont show. Albeo css HR code below:

    hr { display: none; }

    2. Is there a way to get the read the rest of this entry text to be red while keeping other links in the default blue?


    Im using albeo too. Your blog is great, looks nice.

    1. what hr do you mean in sidebars? coz i can see them. But if that is the code just remove the “display:none;”.

    2. find the class “more-link” (i guess this is for the rest of the entry). duplicate a code from “a:link” and “a:hover” then paste it at the “.more-link” (this must be a duplicate .more-link to avoid changes from original code). what im trying to do here is to add a css for ‘a’ tags only for “read the rest of the entry”. So your code should look like this:

    .more-link a:link{complete code from original here}
    .more-link a:hover{complete code from original here}

    just change the color in code example ‘color: #000;’. choose the color of your choice. different color for a:hover (to add a hover effect).



    By HR I meant using horizontal lines like between posts above. I tried changing the display: none; but it wouldn’t display even though it worked when testing it in a separate css editor. HR displays using other themes.

    Realised after some more messing around with it that it was just easier to create a image with a line and use that instead of using the code which works great.

    Couldn’t get the more-link to work but I’m perfectly happy with the blog now and might do a test blog and begin with the Sandbox theme instead.

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