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    I want to swap the original Albeo theme background and logo image with my own ones. For – I think – it’s not possible to directly overwrite the Albeo images with my own ones, I thought about uploading my customized images and telling the script in CSS that it should use those images instead of the original ones that comes with the Albeo theme. But how do I do that code wise?

    I’m most thankful for any tips.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Here is information about how to upgrade to do the CSS:
    Be aware that there is no official CSS help here, so you should have some knowledge before you buy.



    Thanks ltess for replying. From what I understand now, this forum won’t answer code-specific question.



    It MAY, but there are very very few people here who really know their way around CSS, and they don’t supply answers to people who just tell them what they want to accomplish and ask for the code to drop in. But if you’ve worked at a problem for awhile and tried a number of things, they will help out, just not necessarily promptly.



    I’ve looked a bit into CSS & HTML now, doing the courses on W3C School website. To answer my question, there is a nice way of swapping images of the default theme. First upload the pics you want from the dashboard, copy and paste that address, and find the place in the CSS script of your theme that bears the image’s name.

    For Albeo’s logo image in the header that would be:

    .header h1 a,.header h1 a:visited,.header .LogoText h1 a:hover {
    background:url('http://direct/url/to/you/image.png') no-repeat left;

    Just fill in the image’s URL, and your done. Same can be done with the background as well, of course.



    I just wanted to comment that I think it’s cheap not to allow us to edit CSS on all free templates.



    If you feel that way you should maybe look at Blogger which in turn has less options, such as pages.



    I wish we could edit as well. I use to be with blogger however and it presents its own problems. WordPress has better templates, so that is a plus for me.

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