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Albeo, the new one

  1. I really like the new theme Albeo, but it seems like it's not yet done. You cannot edit posts from the main site, you must return to the dashboard each time you want to edit something which is really unpleasant if you have more than ten entries.

    On top of that, you cannot comment on pages. Older comments on pages do not even appear.

    I wonder if this is going to change or we must put up with these errors. I would use the theme otherwise.

  2. The site linked to your name isn't a blog. Are you sure you're in the right forum?

  3. You need to ask the theme designer. This is WordPress.COM, the free hosting service, and we cannot upload themes here, we have a set selection to choose from and that is it.

    Self-hosted blogs (where you can upload themes) are supported over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ .

  4. I am using the Albeo theme in now and I really like it. One thing though I do notice. The comment boxes do not seem to support blockquote. They may also not support some of the other usually allowed codes, but I haven't tested them all yet. But I do love the theme.

  5. The albeo theme is a new theme, and I like it too, but it has some bugs in it:

    Bug #1 Not really a bug but it seems that some sidebar widgets cannot be removed at all:
    Search, Categories (which displays hierarchy and # of posts by default), and a Combo widget with Top Posts, Recent Comments and Tags.

    Bug #2 Captions are not in a grey box but on plain white background, i.e. captions can not be used

    Bug #3 Does not support numbered or bulleted lists

  6. Bug #4: Large images don't get scaled down to fit but distorted.

  7. Staff are sneaky. I hadn't noticed the new theme. It sounds like a work in progress though.

  8. It's not even to be found on the designer's own website, albeit there is an entry dated July 10, 2008:
    "Regarding what some of you might be interested, free wordpress themes, I have some projects with some friends and partners, but those will be public when the time is right. Just a hint, the next 2 themes will be called “Albeo” and “Fervens”."

  9. Also here is a bug I encountered

    This pertains to the comment section
    I have Identicon enabled as well show avatars
    the issue is that it displays the Identicon but the
    avatars won't display they get replaced with a grey

    here is a scree shot

    P.s. the screen shot will be available for a short time
    because i'm allotted a set amount of band width through


  10. NQRFPT (not quite ready for prime time)

  11. I concur with all the issues reported above. The biggest one is the inability to move the widgets (the search and categories always stay at top). It is a nice looking theme though.

  12. I hope you are all sending these reports into support so that they can exterminate the bugs.

  13. Yup, duly reported.

  14. Regarding the widget issues, we enabled the theme with some fixed widgets, not recognizing this as an issue. It's been fixed, so Albeo is now fully widgetized :)

    We are looking into the other issues mentioned and will keep you updated on any changes.

  15. I sent the new widget issue to support but now it's displaying
    a new issue instead of displaying the same article headline multiple
    times now it will display the article headline of the article i'm currenlty
    reading multiple times...

    Thank for the update and for you're guy's hard work on nailing out these bug issues
    also thank for the new theme it looks great and hope to see more new themes in the
    near future.


  16. teck07: can you post a link to the problem you're having. We have no other reports of that happening. Thanks!

  17. I sent in a support ticket for the first issue with the widget
    I will take a couple of screen shots to display what I see...
    with a informative report...

    Thanks for the reply noel,


  18. Second thought I will send in a video link with the report
    so you guy's can see whats going on ok

  19. Not really a bug, but fyi the new Albeo theme doesn't play well with having a static front page. There's a highlighting problem when viewing the Posts page, because both Posts and Home buttons are highlighted. As I said, not a bug.

    However, there definitely is a problem with image display on Gallery Attachment pages, they're distorted.

  20. Here is the Screen cast (video) I promised The link to the video has also been added to the support ticket...

    Once the issue is fixed the video will be taken down
    because of limited band width that screen cast, allots


  21. Wait, can we get that widget 4 other blogs or is there a way to do it with CSS, I really like that widget, but I don't want to have to redo my blog, much less have a blog with only one sidebar.

  22. Yeah, I'd like that widget for my blog as well.

  23. In the theme launch memo: the content background is a beautiful shade of robin's egg blue.

    But when I launched this theme for, the content color is white.

    Is this something that will be remedied in the future?

    Thanks so much.

  24. Woops - here is the link:

  25. Good to see some of the issues have been fixed, especially the widget problem, the numbered list problem, and the problems in the comment box. I would love the problem of spacing in blockquote to be solved too, but many thanks for all that's done so far. It's a great theme. :)

  26. ninglum, that problem is taken care of.

  27. It's good to hear your feedback on the special widget in Albeo. We'll take the suggestion into consideration and do our best! Thanks!

  28. I really like the wide sidebar on this new theme.
    has potential for pictures in widgets, easy to read blogroll, etc.
    over it looks great

  29. oops! i was talking ablout the new theme: Albeo

    my scrappy blog I play with this stuff:

  30. Thanks, Noel. I have noted it today. :)

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